Yoast SEO vs All in One SEO Pack Comparison

An article on the best SEO plugins for WordPress. A plugin is a simple extension that is used for your WordPress site to provide extra functionality. WordPress provides the more than 50000 plugins free and paid that can you easily obtain from your dashboard the directory and also check the rating and review to see while plugins were updated last before install them.

when we talk about the WordPress plugins, there are two most popular and powerful WordPress plugins, and they are Yoast SEO and all in one SEO pack. SEO is important for anyone with WordPress.

in this article, we will compare two Most Popular WordPress SEO plugins. Yoast SEO and All in one pack to find that, which one is the best WordPress SEO plugins.

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About Yoast SEO and All In One SEO Pack

Both Plugins Yoast and all in one have loyal userbase, and they are the most popular and most used WordPress plugins at all times.

title image of yoast and all i one seo

Yoast SEO plugin: It is stated out by toast in 2010 as the WordPress SEO. the creator of toast was Joost de Valk. with constant and continuous improvement, it will soon become the major opponent of all in an SEO. Yoast is popular because it gives the tones of flexibility on the content od your website. It provides an easy way to set up a sitemap of your site, adds some basic scheme, and friendly with beginners.

All In One SEO Pack: Michael Torbert and Steve Mortiboy created all in one SEO pack in the year 2007. since it has become a huge user-based and become the most downloaded WordPress plugin ever.it is the second most popular WordPress plugin after Yoast plugin.

these both are perfect plugins and provides all the necessary features that you need to get as much SEO benefits as you can on your website

Set Up And Installation

Many training and practice are required to understand and successfully implement the ideas of SEO on the website. WordPress plugins should help and make it easy for a beginner to set up SEO with the best method without any special skills.lets’s see how both plugins stack up to install and set the default SEO settings on the WordPress website.

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Yoast SEO Plugin

first of all, you required to install and active Yoast SEO plugin. under activation, you can go to the SEO>dashboard page and lunch the configuration wizard below the general tab.

dash board image of yoast

This will take you to the step by step wizard which will go through the setup process.it gives permission to the beginner to get started quickly without being confused by complicated worldline and options.

yoast setting image

Yoast plugin is the only way to optimize your WordPress blog. It is my favorite tool. Yoast plugging was build up for receiving your content ranked higher in an online search. when you create your content Yoast Plugin makes it easy by scoring.then later you can know your content is good or need any improvement in your content.

Yoast plugin offers the paid and free version, but you can only use one of them, they both are remarkable. by a super-advanced technical framework, it can analyze every small thing. whenever you publish any post from your website the Yoast plugins will give you a score and guide you that how can you do a little tag, post description, and pick individual keywords and screening search engine something different than what you want to show the user. Yoast plugin has so many options that you required to go one by one. in the Yoast SEO setting section, it is well divided into the page and each page has different tabs for specific settings.

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To locate an option in the setting it makes simple for the user.

dashboard image of Yoast

Every page of Yoast SEO setting has on-screen help is available. It will build up to show video or text of option of the page by clicking on the purple Help button on the top.

the well-organized setting, for beginners configuration wizard and on-screen help features, makes it simple and easy for a beginner to setup Yoast SEO on their WordPress website.

All In One Pack plugin

First of all, you required to install and active all in one pack plugin.the all in one pack is downloaded more than 50 million times since 2007 and actively install more than a million WordPress websites. above activation, you just find out all in one SEO menu item below the dashboard.it will take you to the plugin’s setting page by clicking on it.

in all, in one SEO pack, all the settings are on a single page. this makes it a little massive, But some user point of view is that it is easy and fast than Yoast SEO’s multipage setting.

the setting page is divided into different parts. each part assign with a specific area or feature of the setting.for example display setting, the home page setting, title setting, etc.

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Having knowledge of plugin’s basic feature is not enough to compare with Yoast SEO Plugin. so we going by its basic setup. you will find a new all in one SEO tab after installing it in the WordPress admin area, sidebar menu, the large majority of setting that you will connect with.every setting contain question mark link on the left which take you to the plugin documentation.

all in one plugin image

let’s see the title and custom post types setting. the home page setting view below the general setting and also used to set home page title description and keywords.

By enabling the custom post type section, for any kind of post, you will turn the SEO option on or off. if you find any post in which you don’t work any type of SEO work then feel free to turn them off. next to each option is a help icon. while you click on the icon its shows the short description and something link to addiction information. by this beginner easily understood what they are doing.

Both Yoast and all in one have so many options. This makes the setting a little spooky. both plugins perform the best to make simple and easy for a user to set up their SEO setting. we notice that the Yoast SEO performed a little better job than the all in one SEO with its multiple pages and tabbed set.

Addition Tools And Feature of Yoast and All in One SEO

on-page SEO is the complete process so that both plugins come with addiction features expect from meta tags. this feature is there to remove to required to install many other SEO plugins and gives you all in one solution.

Yoast SEO Feature

Yoast SEO has a complete set of feature that covers most of the points of one site optimization.here are some key features.

  • XML sitemaps support
  • Google Analytics and Google advanced mobile page support
  • Default API built
  • Generate meta tags automatic
  •  Import information from webmaster tools
  • Can import/export SEO data

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All in One SEO Pack Feature

All in One SEO pack also has so many features but some of them are not activated itself .you will go through to visit All In One SEO >feature manager to activate these features.below are some key features.

  • Support XML sitemap
  • Provide file editor
  • Bad bot blocker
  • built-in Robots.txt
  • Performance manager
  • Can import/export SEO information
  • Generate meta tags automatically

key feature image of all in one seo

Both SEO plugins have nearly the same feature and tools.in all in one SEO pack you can not import data from the Google search console feature and do not have any navigation.however, there is no serious impact on your site’s SEO, not having this two features.

Customer Support Comparision of Yoast SEO and All In One SEO Pack

Yoast Support

The Basic Yoast SEO Plugin does not provide any kind of support. you use it at your own risk. when you ask any question to WordPress.org support each other and find help from other users.there is no guaranty that the Yoast SEO team will help you. if you want any kind of help from the Yoast team, you required to buy Yoast SEO premium. A price of a single website license is $69 and it incised if you add more websites.

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Yoast SEO pack’s premium license provides some extra options like multiple focus keyword and redirects manager. Yoast SEO also offers paid additional plugins for an exclusive website with certain SEO Needs.it is as below.

  • Local SEO
  • Video SEO
  • News SEO

All In One SEO Pack

All in one SEO Basic Pack does not provide any kind of support. ALL in one SEO pro pack provides one-year professional support. the cost of an SEO pro pack is $97 per year for one website. the pro pack of all in one pack is a large version of free plug.it also provides the extra features like category SEO option, video XML, sitemap and Woocommerce product, etc.

If you running one WordPress website then Yoast SEO license is perfect for your site.however cost increased when you add more websites.while in All in one SEO pack you can use the unlimited sites on a single license. both Yoast and all in one are great plugins, so if you compare both the result comes to be very close. we use Yoast plugin on our website and reviews as the best WordPress SEO plugins.it gives more features like import information from webmaster tools, your info section, social features, etc.

Among them, the best feature is content analysis, which helps the beginners to understand how they write the post title, post description, use keywords in their post.

we hope, by this article of Yoast and All in One SEO plugin help you to find the best WordPress SEO plugin for your website. if you like this article then share with your friends if you have any question about any topic of this article you can comment us in the comment box you can also subscribe our website via email.

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