WP Engine Hosting Review

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific web host, providing managed plans that are fully optimized for the platform. Of course, when compared to many other WordPress hosts, the WP Engine plan is not exactly cheap. So, you know whether this hosting service is worth it before making a purchase.

WP engine is by many experts considered the good in WordPress managed hosting, they offer automated security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automated caching, top-tier security, free CDN & SSL plus free site Migration. WP engine is not cheapest compared to another WordPress hosting, but you get what you pay, and WP Engine has the better support and performance by one of the best WordPress experts so you can be very sure your website Will be handled by the greatest. extremely well know websites are running on WP Engine because of the quickness, safety, and Hustle free deal with the technical aspect of your website.

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WPEngine Review for WordPress

If you want to ascertain that your website is optimized, safe and speedy without doing a lot of tasks yourself – managed hosting is an option worth considering. when it comes to managed WordPress hosting, WP Engine is one of the best names by sucuri.net

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WP Engine’s Features

There are four main features of WP Engine :

  • Creative Agility
  • Enterprise Performance
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Ecosystem Integration

WP Engine's Features

Creative Agility

In the age of agility, consumers expect significant digital experiences that are personalized and immediately available to them. Brands that can’t move quickly won’t work. The WP Engine Digital Experience platform gives you the agility you need to build quickly, operate easily, personalize effectively, and publish quickly.

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Enterprise Performance

If you’re converting two thousand visitors a day through e-commerce shopping experience or attracting millions of visitors to your content each day, your digital experience must be available and load quickly to engage and wow your audience. WP Engine cloud-based solutions give your sites high availability, speed, scalability, and security so you can move forward with confidence.

Actionable Intelligence

The Digital Landscape is constantly evolving, leaving Brand in the cloudy if they don’t know their audiences of the experience they are supplying to those audiences. Build informed marketing and development decisions for your sites and apps using the WP Engine performance intelligence suite.

Ecosystem Integration

As the number of available marketing solutions grows rapidly, two things are certain: the future is unpredictable, and it is difficult to keep pace with innovation. With the open framework of WordPress, you can integrate CMS with other technologies in your stack. And, with WP Engine, you’ll find a platform that already integrates world-class tech partners with WP Engine proprietary software and WordPress expertise. Focus on creating innovative digital experiences rather than empowering systems.

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WP Engines Premium WordPress Themes

  • WP Engine recently earned the popular premium WordPress theme company Studiopress.
  • recently all 36+ premium StudioPress themes and the well known Genesis framework are available to all WP Engine consumers for free.
  • Yes, you get all these better looking and well-coded themes at no additional costs – this is over $2000 in an additional cost for free!

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WP Engines Hosting Plan and Pricing

  • Startup Plan ($30 per month): With this entry-level tier, you get support for up to 25,000 visits per month, one website, 10GB of storage and 50GB of bandwidth. You’ll also get an SSL certificate, global CDN access, and some other key features.
  • Growth Plan ( $115 per month): The plan will raise your traffic support to 100,000 and provide you with ten sites. In addition to additional resources, you get access to 24/7 phone support and you can import your own SSL certificates.
  • Scale Plan ($290 per month): This level is mostly the same as the last. It simply provides more resources, blocks your site from counting to 30 and supports 400,000 visits per month.
  • Premium Plan: These are custom plans, so prices will differ. They provide a lot of additional resources and support and move your hosting from shared setup to dedicated servers.

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These plans aren’t cheap, but they do provide plenty of features and lots of space to grow your site. If you are thinking of creating one or more serious business or e-commerce sites, this service is a must-see.

WP Engine Performance Tests

Features and support are important, but performance is what creates or breaks a web host. luckily, the WP engine offers plenty of performance-enhancing features, such as:

  • A free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, included on every plan.
  • A one-page performance solution that tests your site and helps you improve.
  • A geotarget named add-on that optimizes your site for specific sites.

What’s more, the WP engine provides lots of server locations. We won’t list them all (there are 19), but they include data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

All of this should translate into excellent real-world influences. Let’s see if that’s the case!

Page Speed Tests With Pingdom

For the next phase of our WP Engine reviews for WordPress, we set up a basic site and tested its loading speed using Pingdom tools from around the world. Here are our results:

  • New York: 1.61 seconds
  • Melbourne: 1.67 seconds
  • San Jose: 0.39 seconds
  • Stockholm: 1.60 seconds

This is a remarkably consistent time (with the exception of San Jose, which is a clear location). 1.6 seconds isn’t particularly effective, but it’s a decent speed that stays below the important two-second mark.

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WP Engine’s pros and cons

Having a lot of relevant information to take, let’s take a look at the simple breakdown of the pros and cons.

WP Engine’s Pros:

  • WP Engine manages WordPress hosting specifically for hosting websites built on the CMS platform.
  • Their front-end technology makes websites run faster due to their high-scalable caching system.
  • The company’s automatic backup and disaster recovery are included for free on each plan.
  • Their support staff is well trained in WordPress related among other hosting matters.

WP Engine’s Cons:

  • WP Engine plans are also expensive for managed WordPress hosting. People can get VPS or cloud hosting from the same company or other companies at the same price.
  • Their plans are based on a fixed limit of visitors per month. If your website receives more visitors than your plan allows, you will be charged extra.
  • The WP engine does not provide email support; You need to get email hosting elsewhere.
  • Their cheap plan will take you away from their 24/7 phone support.

WP Engine Support and Customer Service

WP Engine has a support team of over 100 WordPress specialist. They boast of 97% of consumer’s satisfaction from the interactions of thousands of customers every day.

Support is available to all customers 24/7 via live chat. Phone support is available 24/7 with all plans except individual plans. If an issue cannot be resolved immediately via chat or phone, the support staff will build an internal support ticket for you.

Premium customers get access to 24/7 ticket support via email. Premium and enterprise customers also get a one-on-one onboarding experience.

WP Engine also has a dedicated consumer’s experienced operations team. They constantly work to improve the WP Engine customer experience.

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WP Engine CDN for Even Faster Loading

WP Engine provides CDN (Content Delivery Network) in partnership with MaxCDN, making their hosting faster.

CDN is included for free with all WP Engine hosting plans which is a big advantage and cost savings.

WP Engine Security And Backups

A considered 78% of hacked sites are WordPress sites, as specified by sucuri.net, a web security firm. often the “open doors” are plugins that we are not updated.

Securing websites is a robust suite of WP Engine managed WordPress hosting services.

The company takes several steps to protect WordPress sites, there are given below :

  • The WP engine runs everyday malware/virus scans in partnership with Sucuri.
  • They monitor updated firewalls to block the latest intimidation.
  • Every plan come with included automatic SSL certificates. (If you choose to import an SSL certificate, you can do so on any plan above the startup level.)
  • All sites are backed up every day.
  • You get a one-click restore function that can help you recover your website in the event of an attack.
  • The WP Engine site provides a guide to “Tips to prevent your WordPress site from being hacked.”
  • You will have access to 24/7/365 technical support for any security-related questions.
  • They providing webinars on security.
  • They publish safety guides and checklists for developers and engineers.
  • If your site is hacked, WP Engine will clean it up for free.

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Conclusion: Is WP Engine Right Choice for you?

Now that you have read our entire WP Engine review and look at the performance scores, you will wonder if the WP Engine is the right web host for you.

After a detailed review of WP Engine services, we are offering them with the title “Best Managed WordPress Hosting”.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free web host for your WordPress site, then WP Engine is the ideal choice. For bloggers and professionals looking to stop wasting time on technical details and find a WordPress host, WP Engine is perfect. Developers and freelancers will find that the advanced features of the WP Engine will save time on WordPress development for their customers. And growing businesses will have plenty of room to expand their hosting as their traffic increases.

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