What is Google Analytics and How to use Google Analytics

Today we will teach your one new feature of google which is most important now a day. in this article we will be going to look at Google Analytics. if you don’ts know about Google Analytics and never Setup it on your website then this post is for you. nowadays many people don’t believe that there are many websites that are not using Google Analytics to evaluate their audience.

In this article you will learn basic & Advanced Information of Google Analytics and why you need Google Analytics and how to use Google Analytics and the common problem of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service which provide you with tools for evaluate the success of your website and blogs connect to the market, content optimization and e-commerce.

Google analytic tittle image

How Google Analytics Works :

If you have a blog or a website where there are for personal or for your business use then you required Google Analytics. while running your website or blog you have some question that you can answer by Google Analytics.

  • How many people visit your website or blog.
  • Do you require a mobile-friendly website?
  • Where does your audience live?
  • Which websites send visitors to my website.
  • How many people have I converted into my customer?
  • Which marketing strategy bring the most visitors to your website.
  • Which page is most popular on your website.
  • Where did your converted customer comes from and go on your website?
  • How can you upgrade your website’s speed?
  • Which information is most likely in your website or blogs.

these are the few questing, there are so many questions that google analytics can answer. so Google Analytics is very important for your website.

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How to Setup Google Analytics on your website

To install Google analytics on your website first of all you need a Google Analytics account. if you have a normal google account which you are using for other services like Gmail, google drive or Youtube then you can use this Google account for Google Analytics or you can also create a new Gmail account.

Don’t give anyone full permission your web designer, your host, your web developer to create your Google Analytics account under their own Google account so they can manage it for you. if the people left your company or leave you to work you have to start from beginner.

Set up your Google Analytics Account and Property

If you already have a Google account you can go to google analytics and click on sign up button after that you can see below.

sign up image of google analytic

After clicking on the sign-up button, then you have to fill up your information for your website.

image of new create account of google analytics

Google analytics provides the range to handle your account. you could create a 1oo google analytics account under google account. in general information part, you have to fill the section with correct data provide your account name and website URL.be sure to select the proper country and time zone. also read agree with the term and condition in the user agreement part and click on the create account.

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Here is some outline :

  1. If you have a single website you only need one Google Analytics account with one website property.
  2. If you have so many businesses but not more than 50 and each of them has one website then you may put them all to a business account then keep a personal account for your personal website.
  3. in case you have two website, one is for you business and another one is personal use,you may want to create two accounts then name one business012 and another is personal then you will set up your business account under business012 and your personal website  under personal account.
  4. If you have so many business and each of them has many websites,for total more than 50 website then you can put each business under its own account like business011 business012 and so on.

There is no fair or unfair way to set up google analytics account, it is just a way how you want to handle your website.you can all time rename your account properties later on.on this that you remembered that you can not move properties of one google analytics to another google analytics account.you have to set new properties under another account for the new google analytics account.

Install Google Analytics Tracking Code

Google analytics use the javascript with first part cookies to follow the online activities on the web page. to track effectively visitor’s behavior it is suggested that you tag all pages on the website with google analytics code. to get google analytics code click on Get Tracking Id button.you will see one option analytic terms and condition which you have to agree and then you will get your Google Analytics code.

image of tracking code google analytic

Google analytic taking code must be installed on all pages of your Website. The installation will control by which kind of website you have.Google suggested you to that do not add both of new and old tracking code of small peace together on any page, if you include both together it could defect you data.you have a WordPress on you own domain you can use the google analytic by Yoast plugin to install your code easily.

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Approach Management

Things You Need To Know

  1. User name: User name is the name of the Gmail user name which used to a longing into Google Analytics.
  2. Account: The starting point of Google Analytics, you can use single account to manage  multiple web properties.
  3. Web Properties: Web organization, such a web site mobile application a data of your web site that you want to analytics.
  4. Profile: The position in the google analytics framework where reports are approaching. A profile is the customize view of the audience data for web properties. the profile gives flexibility by allowing you to set a different kind of rules on incoming analytic data. a single web property can have multiple profiles.
  5. Google Analytics User Attribute: Administrator can edit profile create profile filter and can add user while the user can only read reporting and have only authority to viewing the profile.

Setup Goal

when The process of installing the google analytics code is completed you have to configure small but very useful setting in your website’s profile in google analytics this called your goal setting, you can also find it by the clicking on the admin link at the top of your google analytics then click on goal option under website’s view column.

goal image of google analytic Google Analytics goal is used to look after you important thing that is happening in your website.like if you have a website where you Crete leads by contact form and sell you products by your website, you will want to create final confirmation page for you customer land up once they have complete the purchase.

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To create a new goal in google analytics click on the new goal button.

goal image of google analytic

You also can select the custom option and click the next button.

goal image of google analytic

Select the proper name for your goal that can you remembered easily and then click the next button.

description of goal image

After that you can enter the confirmation page’s URL next to .com of your website in the destination field and can change the drop-down to start with.

goal description image

then you can switch the value and enter a specific dollar value for the conversation and click the create goal to complete the setup. if you have other same goal and want to run on your website then follow the same steps again.

When And Why To Use Goals

The goal helps you to extract your data into a performance specification. some drive that is use goal in google analytics.

  1. To evaluate how well your website meets your business target.
  2. Approximate fund for non eCommerce website.
  3. To find out how many audiences convert in the customer.

You can create up to 20 goals on your website but be sure that the one goal which is you create are highly important for your business.depending on your website and purpose your goal may change.

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Set Up Site Search

The next thing that you have to do, set up really quickly that will give you available data down the road is side search.it is every website with search box on it.like the search box top of the seoissue.com website.

site search image

To do this setting go to the Google Analytics Admin menu and in the view column click on view setting.

search setting image

scroll down the site to reach the site setting option and click it to on.

search option image

This feature allows google analytics to track any search on your website so you can know about your visitors that what is they are looking for in your website.

Investigate You Google Analytics Data

After getting started with google analytics data, you can be stating learning about your website audience. whenever you log in to your google analytics account you will see the overview of your audience report.on the other hand, if you have more than one website then google analytics take you to the list of your website to choose from and taken to that audience overview report of that website.

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Stander Report Attribute

Most of the stander report with google analytics will look same to this.at the top of the right, you can click on the drop-down box arrow next to your website to control different website inside all of your google account. in the report the top right, you can click on the date to change date to see date vise report.you can also compare your data from another date by checking the compare box.reporting attribute image

Type Of Google Analytics Reports

Everything in a specific report within the following elements that can be mention.

  1. Audience Report: This report can tell you everything about your visitors or audience. you can get a detail report about your visitor like age and gender and what they are looking for and from where they come from the location of visitors and language of them and the device that they can use to reach your website its mobile or computer.
  2. Obtaining report: This kind of report provide the all traffic of your website.you can also know from where your traffic is broken down and main source. also you can learn everything about traffic from social media networks. to learn about PPC campaign and webmaster tools you can connect Google Analytics and AdWords.
  3. Performance Report: This report contain information about your article information or content. especially the top page of your website and top entry page of your website. by setting a site search option to the website then you can see what terms are search.you can also learn how fast your website loads.

If you are the fresher to google analytics then this article is very useful for your I hope you Will enjoy this beginner’s introduction of google analytics.if you have any question with any topic in this article then comment in the comment box if you like this article then share this article with your friends you can also subscribe our website via email.

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