What is cPanel and How to Manage WordPress with it?

CPanel is a popular user-friendly dashboard web hosting provider that helps you and makes it easy to manage your web hosting accounts. it is famous for shared hosts, where it is a floor-crossing service provider with the more adjustable hosting provider. with Cpanel for WordPress hosting, the website owner can administrate their WordPress website, domain, databased connection, email account, and more. you may require technical knowledge to manage your website server without Cpanel.

What Is The Role Of Cpanel In WordPress?

In the Starting days of the web, you required to have the technical knowledge to manage your website’s hosting. but everyone had not such a piece of knowledge so the requirement of user-friendly solutions arises.

In answer to this requirement, the panel grew up. due to its growing popularity, it is known as the go-to solution for systematic management of web hosting.

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So if you run a custom coded or WordPress website, via Cpanel, you can systematically manage your web server regardless of your hosting plan.

The below image shows the interface of Cpanel.

c apnel image

the image show above some time might be different from one above beach it is depending on your web hosting provider. take one thing in mind that not all WordPress hosts use Cpanel. some of them use customize control panel which is works the same as Cpanel.if you are not sure that which your hosting provider use then ask them.

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How To Use cPanel?

You have to find out an app before you can grip the power on your hand by setting up WordPress on your Cpanel.

There is three-way to get there:

  • Always check emails which are provided by your host because there may be a direct link inside
  • By typing the correct URL, you can reach there directly.
  • Many hosting providers establish a nickname.

If you use GoDaddy’s hosting, you can directly administrate Cpanel form your Godaddy account.to access Cpanel on Godaddy go to your Godaddy account and go to the web hosting section.

In it, click on manage your hosting plans, showing in the below image.

c panel go daddy image

on the next step, you will see a button that will take you to the direct to Cpanel.

C panel Setting image

for any other procedure, you will be required to know your Cpanel user name and password.it is provided by your host in the welcome email. you receive it instantly after sign up. if you do not receive it then contact your hosting provider for help.

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What Can We Do By Cpanel?

After successful login into capable, here are some of the Cpanel features that you can use with the Cpanel dashboard.

Install WordPress with Cpanel

Many hosting providers give permission to WordPress installation allow via your Cpanel dashboard, so you do not require to install WordPress manually.it is the simple way to work with WordPress and run on your domain.lets see step by step installation.

#1. Login into Your Cpanel  

Login in to your Cpanel by entering the user name and password which is provided by your host.

#2. Activate The Installer

After successful login into Cpanel, you will see the section of Cpanel web applications of admin and then click on the WordPress to start the installer.to

image of wordpress installer

#3. Start the Installation

In the next step choose the domain that you want to install WordPress on.it may be your main domain or your subdomain.then click on install to continue.

image of wordpress install

#4.Set up the Default Setting 

Analysis of the data on the screen that pops up, many items can be set by default and key items to check.

  • If you have more than one or many domains on your account then be care full to choose the one where you want to install WordPress.
  • Make sure that your directory field is empty to install WordPress at the root of your website.
  • In the setting part, select an admin name and password that you can easily remember. the default admin and password will be sure but very difficult to remember.
  • To receive system notification set an email to an administrator.
  • fill up your website’s title and tagline.

Leave the rest of the setting to their default, it is batter to scroll through it and confirm that these are the setting you choose is a good idea.

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#5 Finish the Installation

When you are pleased with the setting preferences, click install, located at the bottom right of the screen.

The installation process will begin. after completing the process, you will see a display arranging the information you recently created WordPress on Cpanel installation.adding the link to the WordPress administrator’s dashboard, so you can get to work directly to your website.

Install SSL Certificate

you can make secure your website by installing an SSL certificate on your web site and help to improve your website ranking on the search engine.

install ssL certificate image

you can install an SSL certificate on your website form your capable dashboard. the installation procedure is different according to your hosting provider. many hosting providers install it automatically while you creating a hosting account.some of them also charge for it before you install it.

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Best Alternative Of Cpanel Host

It is important to select the best Cpanel host to required of your WordPress Website.you should be taking care to choose a web host based on their reliability, customer support, features performance, and pricing.

Here are the best web hosting using Cpanel:

#1. Bluehost Hosting Provider

Bluehost is the larger and best pricing provider hosting that uses Cpanel. Bluehost is one of the oldest and admire the web hosting companies.it offers the automatic WordPress install, free SSL certificate, free domain name, and all-time(24/7) help.WordPress officially recommends Bluehost as a hosting provider.

#2. HostGator Hosting Provider

HostGator also use Cpanel to host domain.it can hosts millions of domain using CPanel.in industries, it is one of the most hosting provider companies.it offers one-click WordPress installation to their users and 99.9% of uptime and 24/7 support. we review them with one of the best hosting providers.

#3.GreenGeeks Hosting Provider

GreenGeeks has become a legendary web host that uses Cpanel.it is also offers one-click WordPress installation to its user, free CDN, free website migration, and outstanding customer support.GreenGeeks is eco friendly and shot more than 500000 websites all over the world.

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A Manage WordPress platform, should you use it?

If you want that you choose the best hosting plan then manage WordPress hosting is for you.if you are a beginner and want to start a new blog then you do not require managed WordPress hosting.

For small and medium-size business and a WordPress blog which already have a very large number of audience, managed WordPress hosting is a batter choice for them.

A blog and website that have lots of traffic then the managed WordPress plans benefit them most.it is because the big website and blogs must look after customer service and content so they required without any worry and high performance.

In which place Cpanel located in Manage WordPress

You cannot find Cpanel on a managed WordPress account because a web host looks after basic website hosting functions. managed to host providers such as wp engine and liquid web utilize their own control panel in place of proprietary Cpanel.

Many host provider is moving away from Cpanel and replacing it with a customized user interface to minimize the cost and give the more affiliated customer experience.

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Different between Cpanel And WordPress

Normally, Cpanel is a server management technology while WordPress is a content management method in which you can create your website.

For a website to be run on the web, it can be visited by anyone with an internet connection, it required on servers that continuously connected to the internet. if you immediately want to create a WordPress blog you will required a server where your blog data will save. otherwise, it can not be accessible to the audience.

The server is continuously connected with the internet so anyone can access your website by internet connection.

While the C-Panel easily manages your server and website software without having any technical skill.

WordPress manage your website’s content, a database drive system make it easy to create and add/remove content from your website.even if you haven’t any coding skill, you can constantly create a new post, page, media, etc in the WordPress.

so, while Cpanel offers its user a platform to manage their server,( a place where your website located).wordpress is your website.

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Is Cpanel Free?

No, Cpanel is not free because it’s a third-party application.so most of the hosting providers add Cpanel in their hosting plans without any extra cost.while some hosting provider offers Cpanel free for the first year and then charge for it from next year.

In the year 2019, Cpanel increased their cost so many web hosting companies are making the decision to move away from Cpanel to other Website control panels.

Is Your Cpanel Private?

Yea, Your Cpanel account is private.if you have your own website, then make sure that you user name and password secure.it is most important to keep your website data and setting secure.

In this article, we provide you some most useful functions of Cpanel adding how to install WordPress in Cpanel. if you want to learn more about WordPress and many more then subscribe to our website via email and if you have any questions about any topic of this article then comment us in the comment box.if you like this article then share it with our friends.

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