What is Business WhatsApp And How to Use it

We all know about WhatsApp it is a social media app that we can use for a chat and sending pictures and videos on it. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app used by Indians and many other Countries.

Now, WhatsApp released a new app business whats app. it is similar to regular WhatsApp but business WhatsApp has some more features in it for growing your business. it is built for small businesses to communicate with their customers.

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How to create business WhatsApp

Business whats app is easily available on play store you can download from it and install it in your android mobile phone.

verification image

Download Business WhatsApp and get started

After downloading and installing business whats app you have to register your mobile number to use business WhatsApp. one thing you have to know that you could not use your regular WhatsApp number in business whats app at a time. before entering your mobile number make sure after entering the mobile number you will get 6 digit OTP number to verify your account.

otp registration image

Create a Business Profile

  • The next step is selecting your business name that you want to take after the select business name you have seen category option in it like automotive beauty spa & salon, clothing & apparel, education, entertainment, event planning & service etc… you have to select your business-related category and press next and your business WhatsApp account created.
  • In Business whats app you have seen one more feature that business settings by using this these feature you can manage your business whats app

category image

  1. Business profile
  2. Catalogue
  3. Short link
  4. Statistics
  5. Messaging tools
  6. Away message
  7. Greeting message
  8. Quick replies

Whatsapp setting image

#1. Business Profile: In business profile contain your business name and your business category and description about your business.you can also mention your office Address or place where you work in it your email address website etc. you can also edit your profile name and profile image in it.

#2. Catalogue: In this feature, we can add our services and product description provides to maintain our services and product-related information that we want to shows to our customers like product price product detail product service code and product image in it.

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#3. Short link: By using a short link anyone can communicate with us.
this is short URL that can our customers start communicating with us.

#4. Statistics: Statistics function contain all information about your messages.
the messages were sent delivered and read or unread received messages.

statics image

#5. Away message: Away message automatically reply to our customer when we are not available to replay instantly.it is not possible to available all time and also not good to keep our customer waiting. so that we can set Away message that helps our customers when we are available. Away messages are only sent when the phone has an active internet connection.

#6. Greeting message: Greeting message is introduced to your business to the customers. greeting message will send after the customer sent us the first message. greeting message will send after the customer sent the first time or after 14 days of no activity.

#7. Quick replies: Another feature we find in the business profile is quick replies.in this we can create templates like thanks, we look foreword to working with you again, message, by etc… are used in it.


This is the big feature we find in business WhatsApp is label chat. while using business WhatsApp it is very difficult to manage all customers. labels are very useful while facing a large number of customers, you can set labels like a new customer, new order, pending Payment, paid, order complete are used to conversations and chat. you can also add a new label. to add a new label you can go through add new label and enter label name then press ok.

How to Run Business Whatsapp in your Computer 

One another feature that business WhatsApp provides that web WhatsApp can help us to run business WhatsApp on our computer without installing it in our computer or laptop. to use web WhatsApp in your computer or laptop we have to follow some steps.

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first of all in your computer go to google and search web WhatsApp and select web WhatsApp option and you see the one page with bar code reader page image as above

business whatsapp bar code image

After that take the mobile phone that’s WhatsApp you want to star in the compute the open the business WhatsApp and click on three dots up the right side of the WhatsApp and find Whatsapp web option and click on it this looks like the above image.

image of web whatsapp

when you select that option you can see the scanning option on your mobile display then scan the bar code that is displayed on your computer till it complete the scan now your business WhatsApp is running in your computer.it is also work in normal WhatsApp.

Now your business WhatsApp is completely ready to use and we make all necessary setting to use WhatsApp properly. I hope you understand how to create WhatsApp business account if you have any problem understanding any topic the mention in comment. if you like our article please share it and tell your friends about it, to learn more Tutorial and its related information subscribe to our website via email.

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