Namecheap Hosting Review

Establish in 2000, is an alone owned domain name registration that’s ICANN-accredited. Not only do they offer domain enrollment but they also give consumers a plethora of hosting services as well.

For users who are in need, NameCheap also gives various extra services including a website builder, email, and SSLs. all finish with 24-hour customer support and standard 30-days money-back warranty.

warranty focal point on opportunity name enrollment, we’re going to be discourse their hosting during this review. The main cause for that is because the company gives unbelievably cheap hosting procedure and we’d wish to know why.

less than most situations, I like better keeping my domain enrollment and hosting reviews separate from each other. However, in the event, I have a  project I’m launching.

Therefore, I select NameCheap to ascertain how the service would hold up.

Features and Advantages Of Namecheap

Let’s take a appear at some of the key features that Namecheap a very good hosting service provider.

Features and Advantages Of Name cheap

UPTIME 99.88%

Namecheap has an OK Up time equalize.  No great but by no means rotten.


7/10 for support and help. useful and quickly get in contact with them, but some advisors absence skillfulness.


WordPress hosting which has 100% similarity with all WordPress features and plugins.

Users will find an innumerable of pros when using NameCheap Hosting plans. previously making an ultimate resolution, you’ll look there are fairly a few reviews obtainable across the Internet. the majority of these reviews are either based on personal experiences and user procreates story. While this isn’t a difficulty  I tend to approach things differently. In my belief, there’s no such thing as a web host that’s considered “the best” in comparison to all the rest. When deciding the “best,” you’re looking at which one will fit your project’s budget, experience, expertness, and goals most suitably

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Namecheap’s Hosting Costs

One of the most notable benefits of Namecheap is the fact that its price is poor-quality. We’re talking; its inexpensiveness is appalling. However, it’s decisive to keep in mind that when the price is low, that doesn’t mean you’re receiving very good value. Therefore, a necessary part of this review is deciding the structure of the hosting price.

namecheap cost image

When consumers visit hosting companies, they’ll find they’re all selling identical services which are homes for the website. However, each company opportunities for dissimilar plans and caps, different renovation prices, and a diversity of bonuses. Therefore, it’s often a requirement to break down the dissimilar parts to ascertain what their value is for the amounts of money.

When looking at comparing in an “apple to apple” behavior among hosting companies, its clearer when doing so in a breakdown among Bonus hosting feature and Care hosting feature.

Care host feature gives consumers databases, disk space, and domains, which are most normally referred to as the “3 D’s.” When a personal type in your domain name, the primary purpose of a hosting company is to serve website files each time this occurs.

Domains are those names pointing to the hosting account a user select. For those who want to have multiple websites, they’ll need to have many domain names. Users must make sure they also have enough email addresses for their domain because some have caps.

Hosting servers have databases comprise of a piece of software that their website is allowed to run. For example, the user needs one database for a WordPress install. If the user consumes the app, wish  Listserv, for example, they’ll need more database.

the disk distance is the number of files their server allows them to use to incorporate text, image, video, and soon.

Break it down like this allow the user to make compare better and grow a sense of the values based on what they need.

Namecheap’s rating Breakdown

There is four rating grad available Namecheap including:

Namecheap’s rating Breakdown image

• Values renew: $38.88 per annum

• Professionals renew: $78.88 per annum

• Ultimate renew: $129.88 per annum

• Business Pro renew: $17.98 per annum

Each of these plans is available with an unbelievably low basic rate, incorporate $9.88 yearly for the Values Plan.

What is the catch?

Each of the plans has a cap of two of the “3 D’s,” as well as another plan cap. We’ll go over more on that when we talk over NameCheap’s con. However, let’s first talk about how these plans hold up.

• Values renew: there’s a limited of three domains, 20GB of, 50 email account, and 50 databases.

• Professional renews: there’s a limit of 10 domain,50GB of disk space, a hundred email account, and hundred databases.

• Ultimate renew: there is a limit of fifty domains.

• Business Pro renews: there’s no limit to the domain, there is a limit to 20GB of disk space, and 5000GB of bandwidth.

Because Namecheap has a notable amount of money limit, it is difficult to make direct compare middle them and the hosting plan of other companies. However, we are able to draw the following decision.

For users whose plan to abide under the cap limit, Namecheap virtually always falls under the ratting of other plans you all found with other hosting companies.

However, if the user stays on not sure they all like to get more than notable value for hosting company with low caps incorporate HostGator, InMotion, and Web Hosting Hub.

No matter which guidance customers determine to go, Namecheap does provide a notable reward concerning costing.

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Namecheap’s Values and Branding

as we previously alluded to, Namecheap is an independent and private-owned hosting company. In a technology planet where a select some corporations own the majority of the hosting company, this is a peculiarity.

this time does not need an affirmative thing to be personal and independently own. However, being held by a big agency is not needs negativity thing for web hosting companies, either

Namecheap’s Values and Branding image

one of the best things that are making Namecheap excels as independently company all over the industry is their aspiration for transparency and how they defined their brand value, which is every notorious for a reason industry-wide interruption.

One of the companies’ very positive characteristics is that they remain limpid about all their determination of price and services. we like this way they prominently display their renewal rates, as well as have a list of web hosting characteristics that are expandable.

finally, I feel this is a trustworthy company with a culture that’s solid. When picking a company with whom do business, this causes considerably.

Namecheap’s Onboarding and Account Managing

Signing up for a new web hosting, like that any new product, join to a mix of emotions ranging from very hard to exciting.

one of the best valuable features of use to Namecheap is you all move from the onboarding process, which is signing up for your account, to the guideline tutorial seamlessly. one time you reach the tutorial, you can move on to your newest dashboard without any problem.

Namecheap’s Onboarding and Account Managing

one time the user is complete with the sign-up process, they all get a welcome email that allows them to log directly into their service or one that provides them with an angel regarding how to do so.

the user would be found an account backend featuring minimalist can be cleaned structure.there are no hard upsells or shining banners causing angel or overwhelming user.

the user could fast install WordPress software and use it to clean version without any additional themes or plugins.

Datacenter and Backup Choices

bonus features are anyone another place in which NameCheap does exceptionally good.

when the user signs up they could be wish between the US and UK data doing so this allows the user who is servicing visitors close to the UK this chance to cater to the good.

Data center and Backup Choices image

backups also occur two times per weekend for web hosting accounts through NameCheap. it is brittle for the user to performed backups independently but, when the companies performing them as good this an incredible security feature.NameCheap includes backups free of all charges. opponent including HostGator and Web hosting hub would be often charges for this as a temperate bonus feature.

Namecheap Disadvantages

like any web hosting company, there are disadvantages used to NameCheap.this time I am going to talk about I can I find when use time hosting through Namecheap.

Plan Limitations 

as I described in the part for pricing, there are places where caps occur across Namecheap databases, disks, spaces, domains, and email addresses.

for those who are operating 1 or 2 websites and have plans for remaining small, then NameCheap is going to be a very good option.however, for those whose are running many sites, the issues do not occur with the caps, but instead with the fact those the caps overlap.

under most situations, a hosting company would have their plans tiered these cases they all typically area focus one or twice caps to help keep their plans separated.for for example when you choose HostGator’s Hatchling project, you are allowed 1 domain. however, their Baby plan would be viable for you to have unlimited could saw a very simple difference. you all need to upgrade if you want to add other sites.

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those used to NameCheap have several triggers for upgrading.when you are running 1 site that co-operates with the very hard use of video and images, you’ll like to be triggered for an upgrade. if you are managing several different domains for multiple plans, you may be triggered for an upgrade.

what is also ironic, if the user pays for the top plan through NameCheap, they can be still encountered limitations about disks spaces.although they are selling the project eCommerce website that requires a lot of storage memory, this project features very disk space caps.

Performance and Allocations

as before described the one purpose a web hosting company is to serve web files when an individual method In a users’ domain names. what is missing from this scenario? If you think that it shall be read “serve web files quick,” then you are right.

because we are living in the mobile age, website speediness is vital.although server speeding is not the only factor to take into consideration for the website’s all of this speediness, it is an essential factor.

Performance and Allocations image

what is worse is the user can experiencing what is referred to as the “bottleneck” factor. what this means is no matter how fast you speedily or compress your sites, it would only go as fast as the server responding.

measuring responding and fast speed is complex. only one NameCheap’s network engineers could provide a definitive answer about what’s happening regarding the fast speed of the serve.however they do make the promise that under most situations “our Shared Hosting is 50% faster than the other guys.”

however, it is possible for all over to develop a ballpark measurement about the performance of a server.

this metric is referred to as TTFB (Time to First Bytes), and also it displays how fast servers will be delivered the first bytes of information following the recent of a request.

Hosting Performance: My Own Experience

here is my result a few days later I being testing.

Memory Caps

just like with the caps for plans, it is not necessarily a very bad thing for server all places to exist. for those who are running big websites that are not loading down with, you probably are not going to note a difference.

it will be added, however, it is not my recommendation to purchase NameCheap’s hosting for their performing and fast speed.

Customer Support

it is inconceivably challenging to place judgment on their customer is most difficult to have a full understanding of what is occurring behind the scenes. the same holds testes to know whether the company goes to be helping when you contact them.

when you are cruising the internet for other users-provide, for any companies for those matters, you all finding a negative experience that is exaggerated or naive positively one online. the problem with an anecdote is no one knows if they are read something trending-worthy or a one-off.

instead, it is my recommendation that users looking for signals as to whether the companies treat their customer’s services as an investment or cost. what this means is, is the companies try to attempt to maximizing short-term term profit?

2 of the best pointer that I have been able to find are the availability of a broad range of supports channels, as well as investment in a troubleshooting section, FAQ, and other DIY customer support features.

My finding concludes that NameCheap is mediocre and providing both of these

Hosting Customer-Support Through Namecheap

for those who are seeking immediate response and availability, they can utilize the helpdesk and chat. when I use the chat feature, the wait time was not significant. my service was also very good, as well. however, when you are experiencing a complicated technical issue, text-based support can become tedious.

Customer-Support Through Name cheap

about DIY customer’s support features and devices, NameCheap dose offered a knowledge-based with decent information on domains. there was not any information on web hosting.

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why is that an essential part of this review? mainly because NameCheap does not offer specialized service for that whose are seeking web hosting.

Bonus Features

althoughNameCheap’s plans provide a complete set of features, they do have exclusions of some of their bonus features.

just, for example, you all find that the length of their amounts of money back warranties incredibly is only 40 days for NameCheap.however, corporate competitors including HostGator feature 45 days money back warranty. independent competitors including in motion, web hosting hubs, and DreamHosting all features at least a 90-days money-back warranty.

other examples are that some of their upgrade including dedicated IP address that you typically needs for the installation of SSL certificate is overpriced. most companies will either bundle it in for free or charge almost $2.00, but NameCheap charges $24.00 per year.

while neither of this point significant pose as harm for the companies, they are certain things consumer should be aware of after making their decision.

Hosting Comparisons For Namecheap

I’ve used several well-known web hosting services both as a consultant and a consumer, and here’s how the hosting for NameCheap compares with each of them directly.

Hosting: iPage vs. NameCheap

HostGator features a separate sister brand called iPage that focuses on budget web hosting. these company is owned by Endurance International but, dislike the experience with HostGator, their investment does not seem to be as activate.iPage’s first focus seems to be getting user with short-term pricing that is unbelievably cheap. while it is very good for that whose wish to saved money, it is a shot in the dark about their sub-par works and lack of decent customer supports. although iPage offering unlimited feature, my choice remains with NameCheap.

name cheap vs iPage image

Hosting: HostGator vs. NameCheap

anywhere the hosting industry, you all find out that HostGator is unbelievably well-knowns. this is other companies that premium Endurance international owns, making them any other sister brand company to iPage and Bluehost.HostGator is one of the most leading brands premium Endurance International owns and they are known for their strongness balances among very good support, long term pricing, and decent performance.

Host Gator vs. Name Cheap image

the user would be found out HostGator support and performance far better and also plan limit with HostGator.this time, if you are running one of the small websites that you do not expect gets a lot of traffic to, then my pleading to use NameCheap. For those who are going to build many and more substantial sites, the optimal choices are HostGator.

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Hosting: InMotion vs. NameCheap

regarding one of the fastest independently owned companies in the industry means they are owned by the employees and not a large corporation, InMotion is one of the largest accomplishing this goal. I have used a VPS server in the past through inMotion. the user would be found that InMotion has good features for their plan better customer supports and good performance in comparison to NameCheap.their price is higher in comparison to NameCheap’s for everything all across the board, but you really do get what you pay for, so would choose inMotion.

name cheap vs inmotion iamge

one thing the user should make a note of about InMotion and that that the company also owns a starter hosting brand referred to as Web Hosting Hub. That company gets users with the number one performance and unlimited pricing options that are much very good than InMotion’s. both of these companies are in a head-to-head competition with NameCheap. While they are still more valuable, they are a superb option for those who prefer working with an independent hosting company.

Final Thoughts On Namecheap

ultimately, my thoughts about NameCheap hosting are that it is a very good option for those who are seeking budget-friendly cheap hosting plans. the user who is starting out with a very small site and who have cared more regarding their pricing that their plan limitation, then NameCheap is one of the best choices.

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