InMotion Hosting Review

In this article, we will discuss the reviews of InMotion hosting. Inmotion hosting is a well-known brand with a loyal performance for business class hosting in the industry. InMotion hosting provides the best technical support and 99.9% uptime. since 2001, with to data center in Los Angelas and Virginia beach, Inmotion has increased the customer base of more than 300000 domains. InMotion hosting’s WordPress hosting is improved for active bloggers and provides great skill for your blog’s growth.


inmotion hostimg review

InMotion is the biggest hosting provider company in the web hosting industry. they offer to host for bloggers, large companies, and is known as its reliable hosting, quality customer service, and board range services. in the detail of the InMotion Hosting review, we analyze InMotion’s hosting service by our test. let’s see some features of InMotion hosting.

  • Reliable: Your website is available for users without any downtime.
  • Performance: The loading time of your website on InMotion hosting is fast.
  • Features: InMotion provides great features that are required to build a website.
  • Pricing: Inmotion provides many different plans for its users.
  • Customer support: It provides US-based customer support all time.

So we decided to suggest Inmotion hosting as one of the best WordPress web hosting provider companies. let’s know a detailed Inmotion review, so you can decide your self that Inmotion is perfect for your website or not.

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InMotion Hosting Detail

Inmotion Hosting was found in the year 2001 and has two offices in Virginia and California. by proven track record it is the oldest hosting providing companies in the market. Inmotion hosting provides aggressively priced hosting service all-time support with more than 200 employees.

Pros And Cons of  Inmotion Hosting


  • Provide Different types of Hosting: There are so many different types of hosting available for your website with different types of services for each hosing.what ever your budget, you will get something perfect for your needs.
  • Customer support: The Inmotion hosting proves that they are the leader in web hosting customer support.reviewing the Inmotion hosting support and we investigate full support of the Inmotion hosting team and receive some actual user’s reviews to ensure that our conversation was not a matter of any kind.
  • 90 Days money back Guaranty: Most hosting companies offer 30 days money back guaranty but in Inmotion hosting provides 90 days money-back is quite generous.they have confidence bout their services, that they offer up to 90 days business, VPS and reseller hosting plans.
  • Provides SSL certificate free: SSL certificate is used for creating an eCommerce website and it is added in Inmotion hosting plans. mostly other companies charge $30to $60 per year for SSL certificates.
  • Have a Choice of selecting data location of your website: Inmotion hosting has two data centers on the west and east coast of the US. you have the choice to select the nearest data center where your business target audience is closer. your website loads faster for the user who is near to your website’s hosting location.
  • Store Data In SSD drive: Inmotion hosting stores your data in SSD drive instead of old Harddrive. many hosting companies don’t offer SSD drive for data storage or charge extra for it.
  • Free Website Migration: If you already use another host for your website and want to move from Inmotion then in motion migrate your website without any cost.
  • Greate For Ecommerce Support: Inmotion web hosting provides an active partnership with Prestashop and many e-commerce services. they provide easy connection with payment processor and makes your eCommerce experience even good.


  • Best pricing only for a long time plans: Inmotion provided the best plan only in long time plans if you want to get the lowest price, you need to buy a two-year plan at a time. if you choose a short timeline like 12 months that cost a high little bit.
  • Phone Verification: Inmotion hosting asks their customer to verify their order confirmation by a phone call for security purposes. for their security, they can not provide free site restoration.
  • Slove Server Speed: Server speed is the main factor in detected the rank of your website in the Google algorithms. the load time of your webpage one of the biggest impacts on your bottom line, taking more time to load your webpage decrease your half of traffics.

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Inmotion Plans And Pricing

Here are some plan and pricing of Inmotion hosting

different plan of hosting

Inmotion offers four main types of web hosting.

If you need a guide then share hosting is your basic, in which you can share web hosting with others by low budget option. dedicated hosting, that you hire a physical server and take it to all your self.

VPS hosting is an option where you are sharing a physical server, but you have your virtual operating system, which gives you the same functionality as a dedicated host.

It possible in reseller hosting that you can give your allocated space to use third party websites for profit.the manage hosting is for maintaining and professional assistance for your WordPress website.

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Reselling Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

All hosting has its different plans

Shared Hosting Plan

inmotion Shared Hosting also is known as business hosting and has three plans. and best for low traffic and beginner

plan of shared hosting

Launch: The lunch plan start at $3.99 per month, usually, after the trial plane, the monthly prise come to their normal supports two websites,6 parked domain, two my SQL database, and 25 subdomains. and provide SSL certificates

Power Plan: The power Plan start at $5.99 per month. and supports 6 websites 26 parked domain, two my SQL data-based, and 100 subdomains.and also provide SSL certificates.

Pro plan: The pro plan starts at $13.99 per month. and support unlimited websites, unlimited parked domain, unlimited my SQL databases, and unlimited subdomain.

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All plan of shared hosting provides unlimited spaces and bandwidth gives the 90 days money-back guarantee.

WordPress Hosting Plan

Inmotion WordPress Hosting plan is mostly like the shared hosting plans but it is specially built up for WordPress to improve the extra tools and features .there are three plans of WordPress hosting.

word press hosting plan

WP- 1000S: This plan starts at $4.99 per month, it is greater for small blogs and provides free domain, support 1 website, provides 50 GB SSD storage, and suitable for 20000 visitors per month.

WP- 2000S: This plan starts at $7.99 per month and the first choice of small business and this plan it supports 2 websites, offers a free domain,100 GB space storage and suitable for 50000 visitors per month

WP- 3000S: This plan starts at $10.99 per month and for the developer and growing business supports 3 websites and a free domain. offers 150 GB space of storage and suitable for 125000 visitors per month.

These plans are starting a plan of hosting, but the cost increased a few dollars per month on each plan after the staring plan goes expires.

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VPS Hosting Plan

Upgraded to shared hosting, Inmotion VPS hosting permits you to share a resource with multiple servers on the cloud. it will give your website little more space for growing and handling your website traffic.

VPS hosting plans image

VPS 1000 HA-S: This plan starts at $29.99 per month, and provides 4 GB RAM,75 GB storage space with 4 TB bandwidth and also gives SSL certificate free.and also offers the discount for regular customers up to 33%.

VPS 2000 HA-S: This plan starts at $49.99 per month, and provides 6 GB RAM 150 GB hard disk storage with 5 Gb bandwidth and free SSL certificate. and also offers a discount for regular customers up to 33%.

VPS 3000 HA-S: This plan starts at $83.99 per month, and provides 8 GB Ram 260 GB harddisk storage with 6GB bandwidth, free SSL certificates as per plan, and also offers the discount for regular customers up to 35%.

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Dedicated Hosting Plan

If you have large traffic on your website then the dedicated hosting plans are suitable for your website. It provides a complete server for your website. it provides the main three plans and one fully customizes plan.

dedicated hosting plans

ESSENTIAL PLAN: This plan starts at $139.99 per month and provides 16 GB DDR RAM and 1TB SSD hard disk space storage. also gives 6 GB data transfer and 5 free IP address.

ADVANCE PLAN: This plan starts at $189.99 per month and includes 32 GB DDR RAM and 1TD SSD primary harddisk space storage.porvides 10 GB data transfer and 10 free IP address.

ELITE PLAN: This plan starts at $259.99 per month and includes 64 GB DDR4 Ram and 1x1TB OS drive and 2x1TB SSD secondary space storage. and also provides 12 TB data transfer and 15 free IP address.

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE HIGH-PERFORMANCE HOSTING: This customized plan is the best solution for your budget fitting and the performance you required. it provides the selected SSD storage drive for reliable performance and a large range of ram that required for your website which starts 16 GB.

Managed Hosting

The Managed host is more power a full hosting option to control more traffic without not having the technical knowledge. The managed hosting takes care of your software updates, security, and maintaining the task of your website.

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Reseller Hosting Plan

The reseller hosting plan starts at 8GB and can go to 80 GB, you can also get dedicated IP address free with all the reseller plans.

reseller plans image

R1000-s: This plan starts at $15.39 per month, provides 80 GB hard disk drive space storage, a bandwidth of 800GB,25 dedicated IP, and 25 Cpanel account. also gives 48% for the regular is the best plan for beginners.

R2000-s: This plan stars $22.99 per month, provides disk space storage of 120GB,1200GB bandwidth, free dedicate IP, and 50 Cpanel accounts. offers 45% off in special offers. provides an affordable price and more resources.

R3000-s: This plan starts at $30.24 per month, provides 160 GB hard disk drive space storage, with 1600 GB bandwidth, free dedicated IP, and 80 Cpanel accounts. special offers 47% is the top reseller plan.

Reseller VPS: This plan starts at 46.64 per month, providing 4 GB RAM and 75 GB of space storage,4TB bandwidth,3 IP address, and five Cpanel accounts.IT is the next level of the reseller account.

Customer Service And Support of Inmotion Hosting

If you are bigger or expert, all need help and support at any time. you required to be with the host that provides the most technically sound, friendly, and quick user help.

Inmotion provides the US-based customer support team. they help their customer all-time 24/7 by live chat, e-mail ticket, and phone call.

for Inmotion hosting review we also get help many times from the support team of Inmotion. they quickly connect to live chat and solve our problem, we also ask some difficult questions to the support team and they have stuff knowledge of it. the support team is very friendly and always happy to help.

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Inmotion Hosting, Is the Right Choice for Your Website

After reading the article you may think that Inmotion hosting is the right choice for your website?

then we tell you that in Inmotion review we found them reliable, fast support and service, good uptime of the website. their plan affordable for all types of users and fit in the budget.and for new bloggers and websites the shared plans are most useful.

Inmotion hosting provides a different type of plan to grow up your website without any worries to transfer from another host.when you required more resources you can easily update your hosting plans.

Get Started with InmotionHosting?

Let’s choose your Best InmotionHosting plan today.


In this article, we review the Inmotion hosting and inform all its plans, also include its cons and pros in this post. we covered all information of Inmotion in this article, if you have any questions about any point in this article then write to us in the comment box. if you like this article then share it with your friends. you can also subscribe to our web site via email.

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