How to Setup Cloudflare CDN For Your Website

Today’s article is about how to set up cloud flare CDN. Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN). a CDN is an assigned network of servers that provide many advantages for a web site. Cloudflare helps to improve your web site’s page loading speed. CDN is one of the best ways to reduce page loading time. there are so many options to select from, because of extraordinary service the Cloudflare stands out among the let’s see how to set up Cloudflare CDN on your WordPress website.

What is Cloudflare CDN?

Cloudflare is a CDN (content delivery network) that performs as a proxy between a web site and the visitor. this system allows a user to get cached static content from the nearby server. your web site can load faster with short physical distance.

The main advantage of Cloudflare is that it has one of the biggest server networks in the world.thus wherever your visitor is, Cloudflare helps you to experience the fastest website.this will definitely help you to improve the SEO of your website because speed is one of the ranking factors in the search engine.

Cloudflare provides many other useful features compared to traditional CDN.

  • DDoS attack Reduction
  • Easy going SSL certification installation
  • Net work getaway between protocol
  • Analysis of all requests made on the website

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Set Cloudflare on WordPress

installing Cloudflare on WordPress is a direct process. follow the below guideline to learn how to set up Cloudflare CDN for your WordPress website.

Step 1: Create a Cloudflare Account

Go to the Cloudflare website and click the signup button to create account

sign up image of Cloudflare CDN

enter your email address and password in the required field and then click on the create account button.

Step 2: Adding domain name to Cloudflare

Go to your Cloudflare dashboard and select the +add site button below notification that reads currently don’t have any website.

add site image of Cloudflare CDN

then the next is to select the plane for your website. if your website is for personal use then we suggested you choose the free plan. otherwise, choose the pro or business plan for a business website.

plane image of Cloudflare CDN

Free plane: Cloudflare has been created for an individual on our global network, this package is ideal for people who are personally or hobby loving not a business-critical.

free plan image Cloudflare CDN

in comparison with other planes, the free plan only provides three features that are DDoS attack reduction, a global content delivery network, and support via email.

Pro plan: Cloudflare is ideal for professionals who want to protect and promote their own business websites or blogs. the cost of the pro plan is $20/month.

pro plan image Cloudflare CDN

In comparison to a free plan, the pro plan offers some more options for your website the additional feature in the pro plan is enhanced security with web application firewall, lossless image optimization, and automatic mobile optimization.

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Business Plan: Cloudflare’s PCI -compliant business plan is ideal for a small business that is working online. this package includes 100% uptime SLA advantage security features and gives priority to the customer.

image of business plan Cloudflare CDN

In a business plan provide all features of free and pro plan and in the business plane also provide 24/7/365 chat support, 100% uptime SLA, CNAME set-up compatibility easy PCI compliance, and allow you to use your own SSL plan’s cost is $200 per month.

Enterprise plan: Cloudflare’s enterprise plan is for mission analytic applications that are important to your matter if you are small or large, Cloudflare’s enterprise gives you the latest security performance and reliability features.

image of enterprise plane Cloudflare CDN

An enterprise plan provides provide all the features of free, pro, and business and other features that are not in the past three plans. addition enterprise plans that are role-based account access, named solution engineer support,24/7/365 day phone support, and 25x reimbursement uptime SLA.

Step 3: Checking DNS records to your domain name in Cloudflare

After adding the WordPress site in Cloudflare, you will be asked with DNS detail of your domain name. and you can manage to enable or disable Cloudflare for your specific subdomain.

for activating, simply toggle the cloud to orange.

orange image of Cloudflare CDN

we highly recommend that you enable Cloudflare for your unprotected domain name and www this way, Cloudflare will work on both www and non-www version of your site.

After finishing this click the continue button to move on the next step

Step 4: Indicating your domain name to Cloudflare nameservers

Activating Cloudflare for your domain and subdomain then after you will receive the Cloudflare name server on the next page.then the time to replace your old nameserver with Cloudflare. to replace old nameserver to Cloudflare follow the below steps.

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#1. Open a new browser tab and visit your Web Hosting control panel, you are a hosting user then you can find the detail information your nameserver in the domain tab.

DNS Cloudflare CDN

#2. Replace the current name server from Cloudflare. do not forget to click on the update button.

#3. go to the Cloudflare page and press the done check nameserver button

Note that it may take 72 hours for DNS to be publicized around the world, once the nameserver update is finished you will receive an email confirmation message from Cloudflare.during this process you can also check the statue on Cloudflare website. your web site never faces any downtime during this process.

Step 5: Installing And Configuring Cloudflare Plugin on The WordPress

To complete the entire process, we required to install the Cloudflare plugin on WordPress. this tool comes with a variety of useful features to manage the CDN, such as.

  • One-click WordPress improvement
  • Web application firewall rule setting
  • statistic
  • built-in Cloudflare setting for a simple update
  • automatic cache purge

Let’s move forward with the plugin installation

Go to your WordPress dashboard and head over the plugin select new option. and search Cloudflare and install and activate the plugins.

Cloudflare CDN WordPress Plugin Official link – Cloudflare

(Your WordPress Website dashboard>Plugin>Search Cloudflare>Install)

  1. Go to the setting and select Cloudflare
  2. then select the get your API KEY FROM HEAR option below the log in fieldsAPI login image Cloudflare CDN
  3. Your Cloudflare account will open in the pop-up window, go to the API tokens tab, then select a view from the Globe API option.API token image Cloudflare CDN
  4. Then enter your Cloudflare password and then take a copy of  the provided API key
  5. After that go to the plugin’s setting page and past that key to the login field and click on the save API credentials button.

After log in to the Cloudflare plugins, you will see many settings

cloud flare plugin image Cloudflare CDN

Improve Cloudflare for WordPress: click on the apply button to enable will apply the Cloudflare recommended setting for the best performance.

Pure cache: when you update your website and website design only after that you can activate this service. this setting will delete all the cache content of your site.

Automatic cache organization: this feature automatically cleans all Cloudflare every time when you edit or switch of the theme.

How Cloudflare Works?

Cloudflare is a network data center that connects your web server and the rest of the internet. as you are dream hoster user and all content of your customer live on the dream host server then what we call the main server. visitors who want to visit your customer’s web page will take their browser to their site instead of going direct to the original server website with Cloudflare will direct traffic to the Cloudflare network.

Cloudflare can provide cached static web content to your visitors and tell screen visitors to make sure they are good and the traffic comes from is not from attacks robots or other bad things. because the network of Cloudflare is made up of 32 global data center, it means Cloudflare provides your visitors with web content very fast, in any case, the distance between your main server and the viewer.

Who Can Use Cloudflare

anyone who has a website/Blog and wants to improve efficiency and security, it can be a personal blog, WordPress website, the company website just anything.

What is Static content and why its cache needs?

Static content is anything on the web page and doesn’t change often, like images javascript and CSS frame are the examples of it because they don’t usually change from visitor to visitor. the main benefit of having it cache and cache around is that your web site loading speed increased on Cloudflare is load much faster and because the traffic does not come from the original server and save 65% of bandwidth.

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How to know which is bad traffic and how to protect from it

Cloudflare has a lot of internet traffic which is 5% of the internet. Cloudflare tells you what traffic comes from which IPs and if Cloudflare can know that the IP is caused by the attack traffic, like a DDoS attack, then Cloudflare can rank it for security risk. Cloudflare uses their own IP name to develop risk ranking conjunction with the third party ranking and will change visitors based on the setting your choose.

even batter, Cloudflare is very strong and works on any kind of network, this means that web traffic is routed as effectively as possible by Cloudflare and it does not depend on a specific way. if someone attests the Cloudflare then it can keep your website up and available because there is a lot of flexibility in how Cloudflare get good traffic on your website.

How to Activate Cloudflare

It is very easy with the Dreamhost control panel. in the management domain option, you can either edit your present domain or you can add a new domain and from here you can select Cloudflare option. and that so much pretty. once you have enabled the service then you will have more communicated options on

CDN (content delivery network) is the most important service that can help you to boost your website speed. among so many options, we suggested you use provides reliable CDN service as well as improvement in security and efficiency.

what’s good you can set up a free Cloudflare on WordPress as we have mentioned above. in short here how you do it.

  • First, create your Cloudflare account
  • Add your domain name to Cloudflare
  • Observe the DNS records of your domain name in Cloudflare after that enable service for your www domain.
  • Indicate your domain Cloudflare nameserver
  • Install WordPress Cloudflare plugin for simple configuration

Adding SSL Certificate In CDN

SSL certificate secure sockets layer is used to connect securely connection mostly between server and browser. All the information sent by the encrypted SSL connection, so it can only be entered by the intended recipient. this option securely transfers privet data adding logging information, credit card detail email information, and more.

Purchase the encrypted certificate supplied through OVH of your subdomain by the CDN

  • If you haven’t purchased an SSL certificate and you are adding your first subdomain to CDN then it can be auto-created encrypted SSL certificate for the domain name.
  • If you are fixing another subdomain to CDN then the SSL certificate will be auto-generated with a new subdomain that you incudes. the certificate automatic renewal 20-day before the expiry date

How much time it takes to generate an SSL certificate

Approximately it takes 2 to 3-hour for an SSL certificate to generate and all issues our presence have been deployed.

ssl certificate image

If it takes a long time to generate the SSL certificate then please check the domain name configuration of CDN on your solution point. if your address is proper which is indicate the domain name while generating the SSL certificate the system will automatically retry it for the next 48 hour period to generate it. after 48 hours it is still not generated the SSL certificate then it automatically canceled it.

once the SSL certificate created it will seem below image

SSL generated image

ADD Your Own Certificate

If you do not add the domain name in CDN and not generate an auto SSL certificate then you can use the option ADD MY CERTIFICATE on your CDN SSL tab.

ssl image


in this article contain information about Cloudflare and how to set  Cloudflare on your web site Cloudflare most important feature for growing your website’s audience we cover all needed information about Cloudflare in this article if you have any question about any points of it then comment us in the comment box if like this article then shares it with your friends, you also can subscribe our channel via email.

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