How to Move a Blog From Tumblr to WordPress?

Now a day creating a personal blog or website is quite easy. you will not require any technical skill or no need for codding and experience with web development. to start a new blog one of the platforms that helps you to create a blog is Tumblr. form the first day of it was founded in 2007 Tumblr is very famous. if you want to write a personal diary or blog and share it with your friends and on the internet then Tumblr is very helpful. but in comparison to WordPress, it can not come with many aspects of blogging.

If you have a blog on Tumblr and do you want to move it to WordPress from it? while Tumblr is a good platform for blogging. WordPress is the most popular website builder and blogging platform in the industry. self-hosted WordPress offers your more features in terms of both design and flexibility. in this article, we will teach you how to move your blog from Tumblr to WordPress.

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Why you should Move From Tumblr To WordPress?

Tumblr is an amazing platform for a  serious blogger. if you only want to write a post here without any additional feature related customization, popularity, and earning of your blog, in fact, you don’t need to do the switch. Tumblr is sure looks good and immediately connects you to other bloggers who can help you to find a new audience.but if you are more serious with your blog then WordPress is the best option to go.

WordPress is the most popular website builder platform in the industry. it manages more than 32% of all websites on the is easy to use and provides a wide range of features in terms of both design and functionality and can be used for building virtually and that type of website you want.

WordPress provides more customization options than Tumblr. only change theme and simple color, WordPress offers more than 50000 plugins and thousands of thems you can customize as per your needs.

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Pre-prepare everything for Transfer

Before transferring your content, you need to take care of some will make sure you have a WordPress website ready for migration.

Register Domain Name

you will be required to register domain name for your new WordPress website. there are so many domain name registrars that you can use, but I will suggest you go with either Namecheap or Godaddy.

domain name image of tumblr

While Choosing a Domain name, a few things that you keep in mind

  • Be sure that domain name short
  • Do not use number and hyphens
  • Be sure that is it proper to pronounce and writing
  • Choose something brandable not common
  • Include keyword related to your business or brands
  • If possible, choose .com domain

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Purchase Web hosting  for your Website

since we are going with self-hosted WordPress, you will be required to purchase web hosting.web hosting provides you storage space on a computer server that is connected to the internet.

hosting plan image tumblr

Shared hosting is suitable for a new website. if your website gets more traffic and popularity in the future then you can upgrade your plan later.for the new customer it offers the 60 to 70% discount depending on your location on your initial purchase. and it is a good chance to take advantage of this offer.

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Move Your Blog From Tumblr To WordPress

If you prepare everything as per requirement, then finally you are ready for the transfer.we will tell you how to relocate everything step by can’t be done it in just in few minutes, the process is quite straightforward, so without spending time lets start the process.

  1. Login into your new WordPress website
  2. On the main page go to Tools option->import
  3. At the bottom of list find Tumblr
  4. Click the option Install now link listing under Tumblr
  5. After installing, click the Run importer link

image of install wordpress

As shown in the above image, the importer tool allows you to import all your data, post (article), saved drafts, and all pages and media files from your Tumblr blog account.

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Register a Tumblr app

In the next step, you will be required to give OAuth buyer and private keys which is alow your WordPress website to connect and import your data from the Tumblr register the app follows the below steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the blue button to continue
  3. Log in your Tumblr account
  4. Click the green register button
  5. Filling the given filed as per required information
  6. For default callback and application website put in the URL of your new website.

app registration image

After that, you required to fill the application name application website, application description, and default callback URL fields. and all other filed can be left black.

application regurgitation image of tumblr

After finishing all the processes, click on the registration button at the bottom to continues.

image of secret key

when you copy back keys into the importer on your new WordPress website, then the importer feature informs you that all thing is ok. if you get any error then check the key twice.

By clicking the link on the same screen, you should authorize the application. after that conform the access through clicking on the green allow button.

access image of tumblr

Make one thing in mind that newly registered apps have limited 1000 requests per hour. it may take some time, it is depending on your Tumblr account size. when it finished the import button will say finished.

image of tumblr access

Now the import will start importing your data from Tumblr to WordPress.once the process is complete, you will see finished message on the screen status column.

Now you can check out all of your content by Posts -> all posts and pages->all addition, you can also see what your post content and pages look like on your WordPress website from the front end.

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Setting Up Redirecting Tumblr visitor To Your New WordPress Blog

If you are running the successful blog on Tumblr then it is easy that you would like to maintain the audience. now everything on the new WordPress blog. you want your Tumblr visitor to be able to find your new WordPress do so you have to edit your Tumblr blog’s theme. first, go to the Tumblr setting page.

redirect image of tumblr

After clicking on the setting option click on your blog name to open its setting.

blog image tumblr

it will open your blog’s setting .on this screen you required to click on the edit theme button to go forward.

edit theme image

In the next step, you need to click on the Edit HTML option under the theme name. it will permit you to edit the HTML code of your Tumblr theme.

image of HTML code

Now Tumblr will display you the HTML code of the theme.

find out the </head> closing tag and past this code.

code image of tumblr

do not forget to change to the original URL of your new blog.

After that find the <body> tag in the same coding and paste this code after the <body> tag.

code body image

Now you can click on the update Preview button and then click and save to your setting.

The above code setting will redirect your Tumblr visitor to your WordPress website. if any visitor coming to particular pages or posts will see 404 solve this type of error follows the below process in WordPress.

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Setting Up Redirecting In WordPress For Your Tumblr Post

First of all, you need to install and activate redirection plugins to set up redirects in WordPress.and follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Plugins-> add new
  2. Find out the redirecting plugins  install and active it
  3. Visit Tools-> redirection
  4. After that click the button to complete the setting
  5. You required to redirects the tab and add a new redirection button and fill it as required.

Source URL:.*/post/\d+/(.*)

Target URL:/$1

After that on the right side select the Regex option and click on the Add redirect button to save your setting.

image of redireting tumblr

After clicking on the button, the setting will be saved and all the visitors of your Tumblr blog will be a move to the WordPress blog automatically.congratulation, you have successfully move your Tumblr blog to WordPress.

What to do After transferring from Tumblr to WordPress

However, your bog is now hosted by WordPress, if you want to customize your blog as you want.

Set the WordPress theme

For the Beginner, you might find out new WordPress theme which can change your blog’s appearances and learn to basic thing and take advantage of this platform. the first thing that most users want to do is change the design of your website. wordpress provides the thousands of free and paid WordPress themes that you choose from.

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Install WordPress Plugins

The next thing that you do is install needed plugins and take advantage of WordPress plugins. the WordPress plugins are like an app for your WordPress website that permits you to add new features to your sites like Google Analytics, contact form, membership feature, and many more.

Learn the WordPress

WordPress is simple and quite easy to use and manage it. although, when we start with a new platform there is a learning curve involved. and don’t forget to check our blogging guides that will help you to understand how everything works and what you do wonderful with WordPress.

We hope this article helped you to move your blog from Tumblr to WordPress. if you follow each and every step of this guide, your Tumblr blog should be successfully moved to WordPress.This is like an end but it is actually the starting of your new bog.if you like this article then like and share this with your friends. you can also subscribe to our website via email. if you have any questions about this article then comment us in the comment box.

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