How To Migrate Your Blogger Blog To WordPress Without Losing Ranking

Blogger is a popular and simple content management system. when anyone wants to start a blog, it may be chances are that the blogger is the first selection to go with from another free blog website. and the decision is right, nothing is wrong or is run and powered by Google. by a few clicks you can set up the basic settings and don’t forget that it is completely free. this article teaches you how to migrate your entire content to the WordPress which you choose. don’t mind choosing bloggers for your startup.

If you are reading this article then the chance is that you want to migrate from blogger. or maybe you need to be more serious about bloggers. and the free platform just is not that good. there maybe you required more customization options or you realize that it is very hard to make money through a blog on blogger. the reason is whatever, wellcome to WordPress.

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Why do You Need to Migrate From Blogger? Logo

Blogger is a good platform that is perfect for beginners, but if your blog is growing up and want to outgrow it, you should be required to move to WordPress. Below are some features that are provided by WordPress.

  • Own a self-hosted WordPress website can get you an authority. you will be the owner of the website, domain, and entire data and content of the site. normally there are not any limits, and you can achieve what you want from your blog.
  • WordPress provides thousands of free and premium themes and plugins you can use.
  • WordPress Self hosted website is completely customizable, when you display the screen, you will get the control to the entirely new world of backend.
  • When your site is hosted by the respectable hosting companies, you will get unlimited storage, bandwidth, and support.

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How To Migrate Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress

Blogger Blog To WordPress

If you make your mind to migrate your blog. we welcome your decision.stating with a self-hosting WordPress website is a good decision and you will benefit more than you might think.

Since you spent so much time on blogger, it is battered to forget it. while there are no features in moving a few posts and images, the possibility is you spent years, not months, before understanding the benefits of WordPress. do not worry, if you connected with us, we will teach you how to move your blog to WordPress from blogger.

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What Should be Transferred While Migration to WordPress?

Before we get started, it will be a pleasure to know a few details.

It is not possible in the world that you would go to one blog and click the export button to export it, and magically it moved to your self hosted lets us migrate your blog to WordPress from blogger.

Unluckily, it is not possible to move the entire site as it looks on the blogger. the design of your blog will have to be added individually. so you can transfer only the below information.

  • Pages and Posts
  • Media files
  • Traffics
  • Comments
  • Categories
  • Permalinks
  • Feeds
  • Authors

How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress: Step By Step Guide.

To Migrate from Blogger to WordPress you required two things: Domain name and website Hosting. while transferring from blogger it definitely takes some time to do each step correctly, migrating your blog from blogger to WordPress is not even hard if you are a not be hurry and do not skip any steps.

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#1.Purchase the Best WordPress Hosting

The first step is to find out WordPress hosting companies that will save your files and data before moving to self-hosted WordPress from the will require to install the WordPress on that host, and trust the companies. now you are starting a serious you shouldn’t consider this.

There are so many companies that are providing WordPress hosting services. and many websites are there to compare them. before you search on google or other search engines of your choice to find and read reviews about the hosting companies, we should inform you that many websites and reviews are paid you should avoid the reading fack reviews and dummy belief on a hosting company that cost to get listed the best one.

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#Step 1. Get Hosting Deal -BlueHost

You will get the premium hosting plan at Bluehost for an affordable price. to make sure all things be ok, you should see the price of $2.75 instead of $7.99 regular price per month.

#Step 2.Choose Your Plan and Pricing

In the first step choose the host of our website and then its time to select the proper plan. the basic plan is affordable and limited to the one website and offers the 50 GB of website storage, but it is suitable for beginner and provides you everything that you required. when your website grows up from basic plans, it is easy to update, so nothing worried about it now.

plan image

#Step 3.Choose Domain Name

Many Hosting providers offer the free domain name included in their plans, its time to choose the domain name for the is important to choose a proper domain name when you choose it, type it in the domain name field and click next button.

domain name image

#2.Install the WordPress

Now the time to install WordPress on your website host and after finishing the installation your account is ready. many hosting companies provide one-click installation of WordPress.many hosting companies have the same procedure to install WordPress. to install WordPress first log in to your hosting account and go to the website option and click on install WordPress.

this is the easy way to install WordPress.if you are a hurry to migrate your blog to WordPress then we suggest this option.

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#3. Export Your Blog Data From Blogger

Now Its final time to export the data from your blog that is a post on the blogger. you will require to take all the data from the blog and save it into files. don’t be panic, you have not created the file manually.there is a button you will require to click and everything will be done in second.

blog data image

  • Log in your Blogger account
  • Go to setting option find other option to go on setting page
  • Find the Import & back up section on top of the page
  • Find Back up and content Button and click on it
  • You will see the pop-up window. then click save on your computer button.

When you click the button, a blogger will start downloading the XML fils that have all the important data of your is depend on your content as it is small or large files.

Then save your content copy on your computer desktop so you can easily find is officially done the export. this process is just simply right.

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#4. Import Your Blog Data To WordPress

If you go step by step and not skip any guide information, then you already have your website hosting account and WordPress website.let’s see the procedure by the image guide.

import image of blogger

  • Log in your WordPress site
  • Then Go to Tools option and click on Import
  • Search the Blogger from the list mostly it is the first option, on top of the list
  • Then click the Install Now Option and wait for some time to WordPress finished the installation.

WordPress will display the message after installing is completed, if it installs will have the same notification for a link to run the importer. commonly you can click that link to import from the same place where you find the install link.

import content image

  • Click on the link Run Importer
  • In the next page, click on Choose File Option
  • Then Search the file XML that you downloaded in the Previous Step
  • If required wait for some time( It depends on your file size, internet speed or website host)
  • Then click on the Upload file and import button

If it is taking more time then again depending on different situations, this may take some time, so don’t be panic.wordpress will display a new page after completing the import where you will require to allocate the author to imported post. let see it in the next step.

#5.Allocate An Author

If Your blog had lost of post on your may be difficult to identify them without changing is true that if you are importing the blog to a WordPress website that was already help you with this, WordPress allows you to the author of the imported item to the current user of the website.

WordPress will display the list of current authors you can allocate the content to.

If your website is new then it will possible to you have just one user that you create at the time of installation of the content management you can choose the name for the list, and content that is imported will automatically be allocated to that user.

If you like to divide the content from the new one that you want to add, in the future, you can also create a new user direct for this this situation, you can write the name of the new user.the role of the user will be associate with a subscriber and the password will be generated can edit the detail of the user later. After choosing to allocate the content to, click the submit button and all are done.

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#5.Permalinks Setting Up

Permalinks are just the URL structure of your blog post nothing is used to arrange the post and pages. each post, page, media content has a unique permalink to properly work. permalink can have a massive impact on your website and SEO.and when you set it as per your needs while starting a new website.we will advise a different way when importing website from the blog.

So go to Setting ->Permalink and choose the custom structure opting.

Now add the below text in the custom structure field.


permalink image

#6. Move Other Thing And Important Images From Blogger to WordPress

You can move images and posts that are not moved to WordPress or at a time, but you have to move your pages, widgets and RSS feeds manually. for other things and images, we will use plugins cache Images.however, this plugin has not been updated for some time, but you should use it without any problem. install it like other plugins.

Go to Tools->cache remote images and choose the option that says “scan”.it will scan your all posts and display the list of the domain where the images are hot-linked.see in the below image.

cache image

in BlogSpot domains, you will see the domains like 1.blogsport,1.picasa, and so on. easily click on the cache plugins from this domain and it will be starting importing images from the hot-link domain.

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After this is done, your blog is successfully migrated to WordPress.make sure that you do the SEO optimization of WordPress, it will affect your traffic. configure your robots.text file submits your sitemap and so on.

We hope this article helped you to move your blog to WordPress.If you have any issue with migrating from blogger to WordPress, or any questions then feel free to ask questions. if you follow each and every step of this guide, your blog should be successfully moved to WordPress. if you like this article then share it with your friends, you can also subscribe to our website via email.

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