How to Make a WordPress Website Step-by-Step Guide

In this article we will teach you how to create website by the earn how to create website by WordPress there are so many online and offline assets to help you to learn WordPress and these list will assistant you to best  match to your needs. creating website is not easy when you are a beginner.but you will not worried about it.we have decided to teach  the most easy steps by step guideline to how to make the website without learning how to create website in WordPress you have to follow some steps.

  • How to find and Register your domain name for your website.
  • Selecting Proper web hosting for your website.
  • How to install WordPress.
  • Select theme and  install template to modify your website’s design.
  • Find some plugins which help you in growth of your site.
  • Create page and blog posts in WordPress.
  • Modify your WordPress site navigation.

Before creating website you have to need following three things to start your WordPress site.

  • A Domain Name: domain name is the  mane of  your website.
  • Hosting  for your website: hosting where you website data are stored.
  • full attention for 50 minutes.

Why choose WordPress as your website platform ?

There are so many website developer platform available to create many platform like we can take cms is give you many easy tools to use so that you can easily edit your site without any knowledge of coding.from most of user’s feed back of cms is similar to Facebook and google doc. you can create basic page and document and then you can publish to the web.

Among all of them it is best and simple to select one and only that is top of mountain and it is WordPress. WordPress is used to create website more than 35% of all website.and that is rest are all websites. WordPress is free and has many website design and is very comfortable to use with the third party tools and features available to website owner.we use WordPress to built all our website including this one.

How to find and Register your domain name for your website.

While creating website most of people make the common mistake is choosing the wrong website platform.but you are here you will not making that mistake.for most user a self-hosted site is the propare has so many designs and addons which allows you to create that type of website that you want to create. WordPress is free for everyone to download and use to build any type of website without any limitation.domain name is your website’s name and address on the internet.that is the people can type in the search browser to reach your website.(for example of in short a good name in should be unique,like no other is like that in the market,your domain name should be easy to remember,short domain name is easier to remember ,your domain name is also easy in writing,you don’t want people to be confused to write your website name or domain name.

Selecting Proper web hosting for your website.

The next step is which domain name is register and buy propare hosting package  for your website.while selecting propare host for your website it is terrific at first time,but there is nothing to worry about it.The guidance we provide you in this article is very simple and does not required any technical difficult work.Hosting will be the your website’s home on the internet.There are so many companies that can register you domain name and lost of companies that can sell you hosting packages for your website.thanks to Bluehost that can provide users a free domain name and give discount on web hosting.So go a head and purchase domain name and hosting.First your have to go to the main site of the Bluehost and click on get started now button.bluehost image

After clicking it will took you to the  pricing page where you have to choose the pricing plan for your this page the most of used planed are basic plane and plus planes.while creating new website it is batter to choose the basic plane for your new website it is enough .after that in the next step you will be ask to select domain name that you already decided to take for your website.

sign up image of domain

After selecting a domain name make sure that the spelling and pronounce that are propare and easy to be remember of your click on next to go to next this page it will ask to provide personal information like name address email address mobile number business info etc.

personal info iamge


Then the next step on this screen you can see the information about your package that is selected by you for your you add your payment information to complete your purchase.After that you will receive an email that contain information about your domain and website how to login and manage your web hosting.

domain info image

How to install WordPress

The most important thing that where you install word press.After login in your hosting account you can see lost of icons and different things on your dashboard of hosting account.but you have to ignore it now and go to the install WordPress icon.

icon image

Now you can see quick install screen for WordPress then click on get started to complete the installation.After clicking on get started you will ask to select the  domain name where you want to install WordPress.Select your domain and then click next.

install image of WordPress

In this step you will need to  enter your website name admin user name and password for maintaining your can also change your user name and password any time in the WordPress setting when you want.and also you have to check all the checkbox on this step and then click on the install button to proceed.

admin image of WordPress

Now the installing of WordPress is starting on your can also provide some website templates that can install on your website. once the installation is complete it will show you a success message in the  top of the head.

Congratulation! you have created your first WordPress web site. now you can completely on the WordPress login page. your login URL will look like: http://www.your domain name (website name).com/WP-admin.

admin login image

You can login in your  WordPress website by entering admin user name and password which is enter by you while installing WordPress on its time to design your website to look good.

Select theme and install template to modify your website’s design

The eye appearance of your  WordPress website is manage by the WordPress theme.WordPress theme are professional design templates that can install on your website to change your website’s each WordPress site has basic default theme.but it is not very interesting or use by many user but you don’t want to be worried about it.there are so may free and paid WordPress theme that you can install on your WordPress can change theme of your website from the WordPress admin dashboard. to change theme go to left side of menu and find appearance option and select theme option and click on add new theme option.

theme image of WordPress

In next step you can search so many  free themes that are available in the official theme can find theme by their category like popular latest one industrial etc. if you know any theme name and want to install it in your website the type the name of that theme in search box. it will show you the related theme in search and you can select particular theme that you want to apply to your WordPress website and click on install button.

theme image of WordPressAfter installing theme it is fully enable it on your website just click on the activate button appear in place of install button.once your theme will installed you can also customize that customize your applied theme go to appearance option and click on customize option.when ever you modify theme you can also see live preview of your is not compulsory to setting theme right now in your website you can do it later after adding some content on your lets go to the next step.

Find some plugins which help you in growth of your site

Plugins is one type of app of WordPress for your website.they allow you to add many features to your WordPress is the feature that can used for some grate feature without any coding.there are so many plugins available in the WordPress.there are also paid plugins available sold by third party and many developer.

Here are some plugins and its feature that  you can use it in your WordPress website.

  1. Envira Gallery Lite: This plugin is use to add attractive  picture galleries to your WordPress website.
  2. Monsterinsights: By this plugin you can connect your website with google Analytics and make your website familiar to how customer find and use your website. so they can easily come back to visit your website next time.
  3. Google Analytics for your WordPress website: This plugin connect your website to most attractive traffic analysis solution on the web.
  4. UpdraftPlus: It take auto-back of your WordPress website.
  5. Optimole: This plugin optimizes your picture which is added in your post in your website.
  6. Yoast SEO: It can develop your website SEO to get more audience and users to your WordPress website.
  7. WP forms: By plugin you can upgrade your website’s speed.

Create page and blog posts in WordPress

WordPress has two inbuilt content types called page and blog is a part of the post and display in reverse order (new post display first).and the other one is page it indicate stick information about your page and your website policy etc.

in WordPress by default your blog posts will show on front page of your can also change that any page that can show on front page of your website.

To create the page in your website go to dashboard and select page option and click on add new page it will took you to the page edit is look like below image.

page image of WordPress

First of all you have to select proper tittle of your page.After that you can add content in the text editor can also add image audio links and video in your page. After adding content in your website page click on publish button to make it live in website.if you want to create another page in your website then follow the same step to create another let’s know how to add blog post in your website.

To add blog post in your website go to all posts option and click on add new from your WordPress dashboard. you can see below image.

post image of WordPress

A blog post is the best effective way to promote your website and products that you want to sell by the website.Running  blogs is the good concept that what you want to publish articles related to your products and your website and do it daily.

You can add post tittle and the content of your website also found some extra option like post formats,category and can also save your post as a draft and click on the publish button to appear on your website.

Modify your WordPress site navigation

Now the time to learn set your site’s navigation.and  make your website to easy to understand its navigation bar for your our website we have to set two element.

  • Menu
  • Widgets

1.Menu:-menus are the main vehicle by the visitors navigate your is all depend on your website theme that you have the option to choose from the regarding menu set menus go to appearance option and click on menus option you will see below image.

menu image of WordPress

In the left side of the image you can see all pages you can choose to add a menu. you can also see menu structure and all its some key pages and add them to the menu you can select about contact us and important to the menu.the use full thing is whole panel drag and drop method to select the item.After selecting and adding all needed menu to your web site click on save menu option to save the setting.

2. Widgets:-Widgets is a small block of content that can be display in various in your website.the widgets mostly used in sidebar and in footer of the set widgets go to the appearance and select widgets option you can see the below image on screen.

widget image

To add any widgets to widget area you grab it from the left side and drop it on your chosen widget area on the right.After adding widgets and navigation now your WordPress website is basically ready to run on the word to see it.

In this article we covered all the Necessary information to how to make WordPress website and its features.if you have any questions then comment in comment box.if you like this article then share it with your friends and subscribe our website via email.

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