How To Create And Manage Facebook Page

Facebook is an online social media and social networking website. Facebook’s main mission to connect people to their friends and family to power full communication and make people together in the world. Facebook allows user to post a picture and share comment and like the post and another post on Facebook. Facebook has many features in it for users. like creating groups, events pages and much more.

Today we are learning about How to Create a Facebook page and how to manage the Facebook page. we have to follow some steps. Let’s Learn How To Create And Manage Facebook Pages.

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How To Create And Manage Facebook Page Step by Step Guide

#1. Sign up

to create a page first we sign up on your Facebook Profile and go to page option and click on create page. after that you see two option businesses or brands page and community and public figure you have to select the type  of page you want to create.

Fb Create Page

after that fill up your business relented information page name business name and category of business page. in category option, you can see so many categories like local service shopping and retail sports etc… after selecting a category to fill the address and mobile number of your thing you have to know that you can change category when needed but you can not change the name. after selecting the category click on next now your page is created after that you have to upload of profile picture and cover image on your new page.

#2. Add profile picture cover picture and design of your page

your profile picture and cover picture are related to your business or product that good for our page. after adding a profile picture and cover you can manage your page in the general setting. in general setting you can add a description about your business and products or services. you can add your mobile number, website address, email address and location or address of your working place.

#3. Publish the page.

the remaining thing that to do that publish our page to publish our page go to the setting under the general tab page visibility click on edit that says page published and click save changes that now our page live or published.

#4. Visitor post

on our page we can manage that who can post on our page. we can also allow the visitor or our audience to post images and videos to post on our page. you can also allow news feed and new audience visibility of posts for our page.

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#5. Post and story sharing 

in this option, we can allow the audience to share post-event and our page’s story on their post and they are on story. when they share our post as their story it will be visible 24 hours.

Facebook Page Options

#6. Messages and tagging ability

messages option allows the visitor to message us in personal or privet if we allowed it. if we turned it off it will be removed sending the message button from our page. tagging ability allows the audience to tag photos videos to our page.

#7. Page location and country restriction 

Allow the people to use our page location for frame and effect. and the country restriction is to allow our post to particular countries show in the selected countries. we can allow only the country to show our page post and allows the multiple countries to show our page’s posts.

Fb Page Location Setup

#8. Age restrictions and page moderation

age restriction option allows us which age audience we want to see our post or post and share our post. it depends on our content to which people we want to on our page. a page moderation very useful when we want to block some words or comments on our page. some people are come to our page to making words violence at that time it is very used fully.

#9. Profanity  filter and similar page suggestion

whenever someone looking for specific topics and content on Facebook then it allows our content to use when we switch these features on. a similar page suggestion allows the same content or page that recommends page that like on the timeline and relevant search.

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#10. Page updates and post multiple languages

whenever you publish a post on Facebook it updates your description detail, phone number, website, and other detail. when we target the global audience on our page then we have to provide information in a language which audience needed if you allow it on your audience will see your post in their languages.

in the last general setting, some few options are rest. automatically translate that automatically translate our post content to our user’s language. comment ranking gives us to choose the most recent comment first and others to rest in order. content distribution it is depending on us that we allowed users or people to download our page’s content.

download page setting allows the people to download our page information like photos and videos copy of page’s information. the merge page setting allows the page to merge the page which name is the same and represent the same thing we manage that page.

#11. Messaging settings

in messaging settings there is three option to handle the messages, general setting, starting messenger conversation and during a messenger conversation. On our page people sent us privet messages we have the option to turn on the response assistance to deliver automated answers. starting message greeting message it appears in the chat window before the message is sent.

#12. Templates and tabs

when we created page tabs and templates created in default, we can also edit and customize as we needed templates like events, shop, video, groups etc…

#13. Notifications

in this setting get notification each time when activities running on your page.if you want 24 hours notification every time updates on your page at a time. you can also manage the notification of new subscribers,new like new share for page post all activity is done on the page.

#14. Advanced messaging

while managing Facebook page advance messaging allows another app to message on our page and communicate and access the message.we can manage the feature of each app to access or control.

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#15. Page roles 

when multiple people work on your page it is very important to they control the page and what level of control they get.every person who works on-page can have different roles what the admin gives to do them.

Fb Page Admin Roles

new page role as you click on the option you seen different option admin editor moderator advertiser analyst you can give access on this role so they can publish post reply to messages respond to comments on the page.

existing page role is an admin role who can handle all the pages and all members of the page he only can change the role of members and publish and send messenger messages as the page and take action on deleted comments on the page. if your page connects with Instagram and post from Instagram to Facebook admin can respond to and delete comments send by direct message.

#16. People and other pages

in Facebook, you know many more people and your page audience then this feature is very useful to manage your Facebook page and post to these people easily found on Facebook. people who like our page click to remove someone from people who like our page or banned them. the people who you banned from your page can not post and comment on your page.

Facebook People

#17. Preferred page audience 

when you already have an audience of your followers you know on Facebook. you can give them preference those people you can also choose and manage the audience from particular countries we can also update page’s restriction.

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#18. Authorization   

you can only be authorized to run ads about a social issue and election or politician in the countries where you leaves and operate or manage the Facebook page. in case the admins of the page are live in different countries, each admin can be authorized to run ads in their own location.

now you are satisfied with all thing are arrange and managing the page feature, now time to publish your page and adding more post to page to give information about our page. now your page is ready to publish to Facebook to visible your page make setting click on the top navigation bar and open page visibility option in it. then click on visible to page and publish and save change.

by in this information, you can create a Facebook page and manage the page by the page you promote your business on social media. we like to hear from you to give your feedback in the comment box and also tell us which topic is very confusing and which topic is easy to understand what is another question that you have while creating the page also comment it comment box.

Guys, I hope you understood how to create a Facebook page and manage Facebook page in a simple way if you like our article then like and comment and also like to learn SEO tips and media marketing and many more so please subscribe our website via email. Tell friends and relatives to like and share our article.

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