How To Create A Blog With Blogger

Today I will teach you how to create a simple and beautiful blog in Blogger. Blogger is also called Blogspot. First of all, You know what is Blogger? Blogger is a blogging platform developed by Google Official. Blogger is the Simple Blogging Platform. Create Blogger Blog Absolutely Free.

Blogger Official Website URL:

What is the Blogger Blog requirement?

If you want to need to Start a Blog on Blogger so You Must Have a Google Gmail Account. If you do not have a Gmail account, then you have to create a Gmail account first. You Can Create Own Gmail Account, Gmail account also Free of Cost.

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Advantage of Blogger Blog :

  • You can use blogger blog easily without any professionalism, to handle your Blog.
  • Blogger/Blogspot is Google’s Blogging Platform then we will be 100% safe and secure.
  • Blogger 100% free For Lifetimes. you never have to pay money to use it.
  • Blogger also provides you the option to set a custom domain name. (Like .com, .net, .org, .us, .uk, .in etc…)
  • You can set the free SSL certificate for your blog and custom domain.
  • They provide Best Simple, Beautiful, and responsive Blogger templates Free. You will also get the option to manually upload custom Blogger templates. (You can also buy a premium blogger template through Blogger Template Selling Websites.) you can Install templates then customize Blogger templates as you want.
  • Blogger features like Template editor, layout Management, Post Editor, and Much More.
  • Blog post publishing, editing, and Post management are very easy to use.
  • Blogger Provide default comment system or You can also set up Facebook, Discus Comment system.
  • You can also monetize your blogger blog through Google Adsense. it’s a Best opportunity for Make Money Online.
  • You can also import and export the backups file of the Blogger blog easily. If there is an issue on your site, you can easily solve it.
  • You can also easily move your blogger blog to other platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr Etc… without any loss.

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How To Create A Free Blog on Blogger Step by Step Tutorial 2020

First Open Any Web Browser then “Go to Then Search” Then Press Enter and 2nd Option is “Open any web browser and type”.

Click To Create Your Blog Then Automatic Redirect To Google Gmail login page.

After u Fill Your Gmail login ID & Password Then Enter, You Will See These Blogger Confirm Your Profile. Just Fill Your Display name.

After You Enter Blogger Profile Display Name Then Click To Continue to Blogger Button. Then You Will See Your Blogger Dashboard. Click To Create New Blog Button.

Then Next You See This Type Popup Open.

Crate New Blog

Just Follow Simple Step :

  1. Now You Fill Your Blog Title Name (Your decided Name Fill in the Blanks. ( Example Like: Blogging Tips, Health Care Info, Mobile Tips Etc…)
  2. Fill Address Fill in the Blanks. (Example Like Bloggingtips, Healthcareinfo, Mobiletips Etc…) Its most important Step. Your Blog Address Means Your URL Exp.
  3. Choose Your Suitable Theme For Your Blogspot Blog. ( Don’t worry  You Can Any times Change Theme any Set Also Custom Themes)
  4. After You Fill All 03 Step Click To Create Blog!

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You will see more one popup :

Google Costume Domain

Blogger Blog Is Sub-domain Everyone’s and Its A Free Of Cost Lifetimes. Blogger is offering Custom Domain Setup Also provided. But It an optional. You need To Free Blogspot Blog / Blogger Blog so Just Click To No Thanks.

There are Many other Popular free blogging platforms are found on the Internet. Like,,,,,,,, etc… is considered to be the best among all because Blogger provides you with advanced features.

What is Blogger Monetization Requirements 2020 (Google Adsense Requirements):

Google Adsense is the best option to monetize your Blogger blog. You can make good Generate Income through Blogger blog. How to monetize my blogger blog? Just Follow Step by Step Some important tips to quickly monetize Your Blogger blog.

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  • Your blog should be at least 2-3 months old.
  • The total post must be your 30-40. Your blog should have about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, terms, and conditions pages.
  • Your blog must be following the Google policy.
  • Your Blogger Blog must have 800+ words per article.
  • If you are using premium themes then it is very important to be responsive. otherwise Recommended You can use the Blogger default template.
  • You should not copyright the images and contents in your blogger blog.
  • First Ready Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog then Applying for Adsense.

What is Blogger Blog Limitations?

If you want to start work on a blogger blog then it is very important to know what’s the blogger blog limitations. We give you complete details about Blogger Blog Limitations 2020.

  1. How many blogs You can be created in one account – Maximum 100 Blogs per Account
  2. Blog Description – You can be Write Maximum 500 Characters.
  3. Number of Labels – 5000 Labels per one Blog and make 20 Labels per post.
  4. How Many Posts Publish Per Day – You can create 50 posts published per day.
  5. Files Uploading -Image and Video Files you Can Be Upload on Blog. Blogger Blog Not Allow MP3 File, Zip/Rar File, PSD File, Pdf, and Doc Etc… You Can Not Allow Uploading.
  6. Author and Admin – You Can Be 100 Invitation Possible per Blog.
  7. Blogger Blog Account Suspension – If your blog and website do not follow Google terms of services, then your blogger blog account will be suspended.

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How to Delete a blog on the blogger tutorial?

If you want to permanently delete your Blogger blog, then you have to follow all the below-given topics.

  • First login your blogger account via Gmail
  • Select the blog you want to delete.
  • Then Click to Setting Menu (It’s A Left Side of you)
  • Check Setting Menu inside “Other” Just Click To Other
  • Now you will See

Delete Blogger Blog

  • Just Click to Delete Blog
  • Then One Popup Window Open For asking Confirmation for Blog Deletion.
  • If you want to export your blog File then you can do it. Just Click To Download Blog.
  • Again Just Click To Delete This Blog.

Delete Blog Confutation

Now your Blogger Blog is Complete Delete. Google Blogger Blog Provides You 90 days Time Period You Can Restore Your Blog In These 90 Days. You will not be able to restore this blog address after 90 days.

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Best 10 usefully blogger blog Tips :

If you follow these blogger Blog tips then you will benefit a lot or Through these tips, you can increase the search engine ranking of your blogger blog quickly.

  1. If you use premium blogger themes in your blogger blog, then you can make more attractive your blog.
  2. You should always write original content on your blog. If you copy some content from other websites, then give credit to these Websites.
  3. You Can make Some Page on your blogger Blog. Example – About as, Contact as, Privacy Policy, Term, and Conditions, Disclaimer, etc…
  4. Set up a custom domain to make your blogger blog professional.
  5. Create a social media profile, pages in the name of your blogger blog. Example – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…
  6. You Can easily Set up an SSL certificate in your blogger blog.
  7. The first research for keywords then Writes Articles.
  8. Always Remember You should write the article with Complete full information. And the information you provide should be 100% right.
  9. Always Understand your audience.
  10. If you are a new blogger then you should learn to SEO (SEO mean Search engine Optimization).

My Last Final Words For every new Blogger User:

I hope you have liked this article and you will get help from this article.

So this is my complete Guideline For How To Create A Blog With Blogger Easily. If you have any doubt in your mind or any question regarding this post, then you can tell us through comments. We will answer your question soon.

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