How To Choose The Best WordPress Web Hosting

Today’s article is about web hosting. web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your web site on the is one of the key components of every successful website. choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website can improve your site’s SEO and increase sales. there are so many different types of WordPress options available such as free shared, VPS, detected, and managed WordPress this article, we will help you to choose the best WordPress hosting for your website.

Our main goal of this article is to provide the proper guidance which you need to consider when you choosing a hosting company for your website or business.

To take the right decision you help you, we also compared the hosting same time with the top word press hosting companies including uptime test, speed test, and reliability test.

Requirement Of The WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open-source content management system and very lightweight script and it is also compatible with all most all web hosting companies. the requirement of WordPress is below.

  • My SQL version 5.6 or greater and MariaDB version 10.1 or greater
  • PHP version 7 or grater
  • HTTPS support

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WordPress is a very popular website developer platform so all the best companies come with easy to install in just 1 click option for WordPress. all WordPress hosting companies that we have written down in this article offer full support for running the WordPress website.

title image of WordPress

Things to consider while choosing the WordPress hosting provider for your site

The all-important element that you need to consider when choosing your WordPress hosting is speed, security, and reliability. The most important element that you should consider while choosing a proper host is “your requirement”. You have to evaluate your requirement before purchasing your WordPress hosting can save you are loss of money.

Evaluating Your WordPress Hosting Requirement

As we have talked above it, there are different type of web hosting services available like free, shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed. so let’s see each of these options to decide which is the best web hosting solution for your website.

Free WordPress Hosting

For beginner and for the small blogger who is not spending much money to buy proper hosting for their website then there are so many free web hosting (WordPress hosting free) are available for their site but many of them have some sort of catch. normally you can find free WordPress hosting provided in the online platforms and in small groups. these types of hosting are managed by the individual who is reselling a small part of their server space to cover up some profit. some time catch put their banner ads on your website. some of the hosts may ask to put their text links in the footer of your website.and it is the condition that they cover up the cost of your free space and earn a profit. the biggest disadvantage of having free hosts for the ads is that they are unreliable. you will never know when they will stop offering you free hosting for your website.they can hang you up at any time. we advise you if you are serious about your website and business the avoid free WordPress hosting.

free hosting image

Share WordPress Hosting

Share WordPress hosting is the most popular hosting type which is mostly used by the beginner. share hosting is very frankly and affordable, and very easy to stating for the new user.share hosting share large server with so many sites.if you have multiple sites on the same server then hosting provides you service at a more affordable rate. the biggest advantage of shared hosting across all the providers is the unlimited resource. there is nothing like unlimited. if your website starts to take up some valuable server load the hosting will tell you to upgrade your account.if they can not do this action then it can have a negative effect on the overall performance of other websites hosted on the same server. share web hosting is the best hosting for new stating blogs and small businesses.

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share hosting image

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated server hosting is a physical server that can hire from the hosting provider. dedicated hosting provides you the full control over the server and also allows to a choice of operating system hardware etc. if you are a beginner then you do not need a dedicated server. when your website is receiving remarkable no of traffic then only you can be considering an update to a dedicated server. if you have no experience of server and you are not employed in system administration then we suggest you manage the dedicated server. WordPress hosting provides you to who manages your dedicated server employ full time and your system administrates to maintain your also does server monitoring and phone call support. WordPress dedicated hosting is best for extremely high traffic blogs.

dedicated hosting image

WordPress VPS Hosting

A WordPress VPS virtual privet sever refers to a virtual is the method of dividing a physical server computer into multiple servers with respect to a particular customer’s requirement. if you are sharing the server with some other, it also gives you almost as much control as a dedicated server. VPS provides the privacy of a particular physical computer and can be configured to run specific server software. some times the developers, intermediate, user, and median size blogger utilize VPS to scale their website. if you haven’t any knowledge about technical then you make sure that purchase and manage VPS. that means that the WordPress hosting provides all system updates and manages they are always helping us when we needed. VPS is the best hosting for medium-size business high traffic blogs and developer.

VPS image

Managed WordPress Hosting

having a large number of the user by WordPress, many web hosting provides to offering managed WordPress hosting. one account with one provider only allows you to host WordPress based website nothing else. The main reason to choose managed WordPress is that you don’t worried about anything. managed hosting optimize your web site to batter performance and make sure that your website is secure and keep back up of your website regularly.

Manage WordPress hosting is a problem-free fast WordPress hosting with high-quality support from staff with lots of WordPress experience. let see with an example you have a personal account with popular managed web hosting provide cost $29 per month in which you can host only one site and get a maximum of 25000 visitors per month.the next higher level where you allow multiple domains with the cost of 99$ per month. the beginners and new bloggers can not afford this or buy WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is very useful for the estimated blogger who can spend money on it with their revenue. This hosting is for those people who do not have any skill and lack of time to deal with the technical side of things. we suggest you WP Engine to managed WordPress hosting.

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Now you have knowledge of all of your WordPress hosting is time for taking the can run many websites and gets millions of page view per month.we have tested many top webs hosting company and worked with them in this industries. among them these all companies provide outstanding service and support.let’s checklist of best web hosting providers.

Some Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers :

Host gator image

#01. HostGator: Hostgator is one of the most recognizable web hosting service is best for speed reliability and excellent support. by one-click WordPress install in HostGator. it is a smart choice for every website owner. HostGator also offering discounts for readers and a free domain name and free SSL certification. Hostgator interface C Panel so it makes it so easy to use and makes really easy to lunch the website in 5 minutes.

Hostgator is a famous host company that hosts over 8 million domains. like the blue host, it provides some special WordPress hosting service

Below image shows the result of Hostgator’s performance test :

host gator testing image

As shown in the above image site loading in two and twenty-one seconds that the faster than 67% of all tested websites. this testing is operating without using any plugins and speed optimization tips and the loading speed is very good.

then after the test the load impact test of HostGator we used the Bitcatcha to test more perfect response time from associated geographical location.

load impact of host gator image

The review of the Hostgator hosting site server performance is very well. the server response time is less than two seconds in the US states it was just 32 ms.

A HostGator is a greater option for the growing business or website because the host gator provides the plans which are growing your business.

Advantage (Pros) of HostGator Hosting :

  • Reliable and faster hosting with 24/7 support
  • intro low price and free site relocation

disadvantage (Cons) of HostGator Hosting :

  • higher fees for the renewal

Blue host hosting image

#02. BlueHost: Bluehost is one of the 20 largest hosting providers. Bluehost collectively host more than 2 million domains. Bluehost provides services including WordPress hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting. if you are using a Bluehost for your web site then you never have to worried about your web site being slow when there is a loss of traffic on your web site. the Bluehost provides all-time support and helps when you need it by phone call email or live chat. Bluehost is one of the largest hosting company and the Bluehost is an official WordPress suggested hosting provider. Bluehost hosting packages are come with pre-installation in WordPress by default. The below image shows the result of the Bluehost’s web hosting host performance image

As shown in the above image the test site is loading in less than 1.5 seconds that faster than 95 percent of all tested websites. this result is of blue hosting without using any plugin or speed generated tips its very good result.

Testing your site’s speed test then, the load impact test we used the Bitcatcha to test more perfect response time from associated geographical location.

load impact test image of blue host

The Bluehost server performs unusually very good in the UK states loading in part of a second. while in other locations the response was a little higher but under less than a second. if your business target audience is in the UK states then this would highly benefit your website.

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Advantage (Pros) of BlueHosting :

  • 62% of hosting, free domain, free SSL certification
  • Bluehost officially recommended by WordPress
  • Free representation of your website

Disadvantage (Cons) of BlueHosting :

  • some times its support be slow

title image of site ground

#03. SiteGround: SiteGround provides service and the main purpose at beginner like their shared hosting Plane and domain name registration service. the SiteGround provides you the unique speedy and security solution to make your website as faster and secure as possible. site ground gives some features like the automatic upgrade, built-in WP caching, CDN, GIT version, and one-click staging. it is one of the few companies that offers the location specification hosting with 3 data centers in the USA, Europe, and ground provides excellent performance and supports even on their lowest plane. SiteGround offers a wide range of hosting plans.

performance image of site ground

As shown in the image the site loaded in two and twenty-one second that means your site is faster than 67% of tested website.

Testing your site’s speed test then, the load impact test we used the Bitcatcha to test more perfect response time from associated geographical location.

performance image of site ground

The SiteGround test site server is performing well in the US and all other locations with the exception of Sao Paulo. if you target the Asian audience for your business web site you can ask the SiteGround to move the website in Asian specific server.

Advantage (Pros) of SiteGround Hosting :

  • Lost of hosting option multiple data center all over the world
  • free website relocation and excellent support
  • fast and stable server good uptime

Disadvantage (Cons) of SiteGround Hosting :

  • It is expensive than competitor
  • Don’t  provide free domain name
  • No site transfer on based plan

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title image of dream hosting

#04. DreamHost: Dreamhost is known for its uncomplicated irreverent approach, Dreamhost providing full rang of hosting service as you want to and known as making web hosting easy. it provides some features like one-click WordPress installation, automatic word press update, unlimited space and bandwidth, custom dashboard, and free SSDs which can make your web site 200% faster. Dreamhost has more than 600000-word press blogs and websites.there are no setup fees and provide a free domain name.

Dreamhost provides a one-click install for WordPress and it is also official recommended hosting provider. The below image shows the result of the dream host’s performance.

performance image of dream host

As shown in the image site loaded in one and twenty-four seconds for a server in Dallas. it is faster than 85% of all tested websites.

Testing your site’s speed test then, the load impact test we used the Bitcatcha to test more perfect response time from associated geographical location.

response time image of dream host

The DreamHost was performed very well in US loading in Little part of a second but in other locations, it was slightly slower. overall dream, hosting is power full hosting for the website in any geographical location.

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Advantage (Pros) of DreamHost :

  • free domain with privacy protection and install WordPress in one click
  • good speed free web application including firewall
  • officially recommended by WordPress

Disadvantage (Cons) of DreamHost:

  • Hosting control panel is outdated

Title image of green geeks

#05. GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks is an Eco-friendly hosting provider that does not pinch on technology or performance. GreenGeeks bets much big-name company host when it comes to server speed response. GreenGeeks provide a verity of hosting plans counting WordPress and Drupal option. if being green is important for you and your business then GreenGeeks is perfect for your business. it is an environmentally responsible platform. it is also known as the environmental protection agency as an EPA green power partner. GreenGeeks offers the one-click WordPress installation and manage the update of your website, increase your site security, free site migration and give to chose of five different data center location and all 24/7 help when you needed via email or on a phone call. The below image shows the result of GreenGeeks host’s performance.

performance image of green geeks

As shown in the image the loading time of the site is one and twenty-four seconds and it is faster than the 85% of the all tested website. and this result is so good for the Website.

Testing your site’s speed test then, the load impact test we used the Bitcatcha to test more perfect response time from associated geographical location.

response time image of green geeks hosting

The above image shows the result of all the locations that GreenGeeks hosting respond well in all locations. its time is under a second and a second all over. the resonance time was higher in location Sao Paulo. the majority of your audience and if you want to target specific countries like America Europe and South America for your business then the GreenGeeks is faster and reliable.if your target audience is out of this locality then you can ask the GreenGeek to move you the server which is near that locality. whether other hosts good or note but GreenGeeks is a good hosting provider based on particulate requirement.below are some pros and cons of green geeks to understand that it is a good choice for your website or not.

Advantage (Pros) of GreenGeeks Hosting:

  • GreenGeeks is extremely Eco-friendly web hosting provider
  • Great price fast speed free domain and 30 days money back guaranty
  • GreenGeeks provide global data center option and free site migration
  • Provides unlimited resources

Disadvantage (Cons) of GreenGeeks Hosting:

  • Domain Renewal fees are higher
  • For best rates required long contacts

The main aim of this article to help you to choose the best WordPress hosting for your website or new bloggers.we hope that this article helps you to choose the best WordPress hosting for your website. if you have any questions about any hosting company and need more information about any hosting then write to us in the comment box.if you like our article then share it with your friends, you can also subscribe to our website via email.

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