Hostgator Hosting Performance Review

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting company which hosts over more than 8 million domains in the industries. HostGator installs WordPress with one click and guarantees 99.9% uptime. it provides the 25/7 support, it is the good choice of every website owner. we review that HostGator is one of the best hostings for business. they are offering the Free SSL certificate, free domain name, and discount with their hosting plans.

HostGator Review

HostGator try to make hosting simple easy and affordable, HostGator provides shared hosting, dedicated server, VPS hosting, and managed WordPress hosting plans. if you are looking for a plan that allows you to grow up your website and quickly runs economically, then HostGator is best for you. read below HostGator Review to find out that HostGator is the proper selection for you.


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in the detail of HostGator Review, we include some promises of it.from the user’s point of view and it is as above.

#1. Reliability: HostGator is Reliable and secure, will your website 24/7/365 days available without any downtime.

#2. Performance: Is your website loading fast on Hostgator hosting test your web site to check performance to analyze this.

#3. Customer Support: Will you easily get help when you needed, can you count on their customer’s help?

#4. Features: Is Hostgator provides the features that can you easily create and manage your website?

#5. Pricing: Do the Hostgator offers the best pricing in the industry and plane that can save your money.

to summarize, we found that the HostGator is a reliable and user-friendly hosting service. HostGator support their customer 24/7  and it is among the we will add the HostGator as one of the best WordPress hostings companies.

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let’s jump to the most detail-oriented section of HostGator review, it will help you to determine whether the Hostgator is suitable for your website.

About HostGator Hosting

HostGator was founded in the year 2002 and quickly become the most popular and world’s largest hosting company. you can credit their great shared hosting plan, reliable web hosting, and quality customer services.the headquarter of HostGator is in Houston, Texas and hosts more than 8 million domain.

The HostGator is a specialist in hosting small businesses in an affordable pricing package, WordPress cloud plans, greater user help, and speedy technology. it is the best option for hosting small businesses. HostGator provides what you need without lots of decoration.

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HostGator mostly offer a Lower price than other competitor companies. but it does mean that HostGator’s planes are bare-bonus. they provide more than enough features for every user and powerful hosting infrastructure.

Pros and Cons of Hostgator Hosting

Every Hosting companies have their pros and cons like every other products and service. here are some pros and cons of Hostgator it is as below.


#1. Reliability: IT gives the guarantees of your website’s uptime of 99.99%. if you get downtime below than Hostgator gives your one month credit on your account.

#2. Money-Back Guaranty: HostGator offers the longer 45 days money back guaranty, mostly web hosting companies don’t offer money-back guaranty more than 30days.

#3. Free transfer: HostGator provides free transfer service including all new accounts. the expert team of HostGator transfers your website from your previous host without any extra cost during the first 30 days of signing up.


#1. No free Doman offer: Unlike many companies hosting companies Hostgator don’t provide free domain registration on signing up

#2. the best pricing only for long contacts: HostGator provides that best price only the user which is longer connected to HostGator.

#3. Aggressive Upselling: you required to review the additional services pre-selected during the sign-up process. if you are not confident then uncheck them can always add them later when you required.

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Quick Overview of HostGator Web Hosting

Here are some most important data about hosting with the HostGator hosting so your use it for comparing with other hosts.

  • All-day Customer Support: Hostgator always focus on offering highly available customer help at 24/7 hours of the days via live chat email and phone calls.
  • Offers a long guaranty or money back: HostGator is providing 45 days money-back guarantee while in other companies they offer up to 30 days guarantee.
  • Fast WordPress: HostGator provides super-fast WordPress cloud hosting that is 2.5 faster than normal shared web hosting.

HostGator Performance

When you sign up for a host and you find that your website is extremely very slow and disappears often then what would you do? at that, you have to replace your provider, and it will spend more money and have to face may difficulty.

This is the reason why you need to choose a web hosting company that is reliable fast and with a stronger performance record all over. but how would you get this information?

HostGator hosted website Speed Test Result

Speed is the most important performance indicator. if your web site is faster than it is good for your users and it can help you to rank your website’s SEO.

Actually, if your website page loading to 1-second delay, studies suggest will cost you 7% less conversation,11% less page view, and 16% decrease your user’s satisfaction.

For the detail for Hostgator Review, we tested our site to find out how fast HostGator really is. our website was built by WordPress and check speed test, here is the result.

speed test image

As seen in the above image our WordPress website loads in 2 seconds for server in Dallas, that’s faster than 69% of all tested sites. that good performance but how would your site perform while high traffic hours.

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To test your website’s high traffic hour performance use tool called load impact. The load impact sends the virtual user to a website and slowly increased the number of users on your website up to 1000 at once.

load impact image of host gator

in the above image, the green line represents the page loading time and blue line represent the number of user on the website. as you see the site performance really well all over users.

these results are mostly very good for a shared hosting account. keep one thing in mind that the shared hosting account, you can share server resources with other sites hosted on the same server. you will be required to update your account if you getting more visitors at the same time.

Another thing that to be noticed is that your website’s test didn’t go down during the test.

Uptime And Response Time

let’s see at the uptime and response time considered by however, this represents a test site, it provides a good idea of how strong servers are.

Up time And Response Time of hostagator

HostGator guarantees a 99.9% uptime. from your dashboard, you will able to observe your own uptime, so you can know that the company is giving what they promise.

If they failed to deliver what they promise, then they will give you one month of hosting credit to your account.

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HostGator server response time

The content of your website remarkable effects the page load time. for example, if your website contains many images then it will increase the page load time. the server load time result is effected by this. we want to know how fast the HostGator server really respond.

To test the server load time of the website, we use a tool that is called works in a different way than other website speed testing tools. it only tests the response time of the server instead of loading all the content of the website.

To get the average response time of each location it will run three tests from multiple locations spread all over the world.

The below image shows how HostGator performed in these tests.

Our website is performing really well all over the world. The server response time maintains below the the USA it was just is a wonderful load time and the website will load very quickly, whatever your location around the world.

The planes and features of the HostGator Hosting

HostGator provides different types of plans, you can pick from VPS hosting, Shared  Hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server and WordPress hosting plans.

all plans of HostGator is appropriate for a different type of hosting requirement and budget.

Let’s see the plan that is offered by HostGator

#1. Shared Hosting: Shared hosting provides you access to the server that is shared by many other users like you so it called shared hosting it is the best way to create a new website with low traffic.many hosting provider store so many users on the single server and with so many limitations at very lower price compare to VPS or dedicated hosting. the sitting pro plan of shared hosting is  $13.95 per month.

#2.VPS Hosting: The virtual privet server gives the root access to manage your virtual resource on the hosting provides great speed balancing compared to shared is appropriate to hike the traffic of your website.the sitting plan of VPS hosting is  $!19.95 per month.

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#3.Dedicated Server: The dedicated server provides the whole server for hosting your website.if you run a website then you required this because it offers the more resource memory than the shared hosting or VPS have all access to the server root, so you have to maintain it by your self.the sitting plan of dedicated hosting is  $79 per month.

#4.WordPress Hosting: The WordPress hosting plan also comes under the shared hosting but it is specially customized for the WordPress power website. this hosting plan improves the performance and protects your website from some common WordPress attacks.WordPress charge $5.95 per month

#5. Cloud Hosting: In the shared hosting, the plan is limited to only the server. cloud hosting uses multiple servers. if your website gets traffic spike then the server chooses a plan that is suitable for your the cloud hosting plans, your website will not face any charge $6.95 per month.

HostGator’s shared Hosting Plans and pricing

For a new website and beginners, the shared hosting plan is great for them.HostGator has the knowledge of shared hosting which makes it top-level hosting. their top-level service on shared hosting makes it the number one choice of several businesses. you can update your hosting after your website getting growing.

HostGator has three main shared hosting plans Hatchling plan, baby plan, and business plan, all plans available with its own price including unlimited space and bandwidth. The difference is the number of websites that you can host.

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  • Hatchling: This package offers you to host only one cost $2.75 per month.with some stander features you will get with this plan including 1 click WordPress installation among other stander features.
  • Baby plan: this plan offers you to host an unlimited cost $3.95 per provides all the Hatchling plan and feature. you can also use the add-ons like a free privet SSL certificate.
  • Business Plan: Business plan is most suitable for small cost $5.95 per month.this plan provides the free SSL certificate and free dedicate IP address which is required for the creating e-commerce website

These hosting plans are very useful for the new website owner and beginners because it provides you to easy setup website and easy to use to grow up your website.

In this article, you read the detailed HostGator review. perhaps if you think, HostGator is right for you?

HostGator provides a wide area of hosting plans and fit all budget and requirement. they provide all the tools that you needed to build a website. more than 2million users from all over the world already trust the HostGator.

if you have any questions about any points in this article then comment in the comment box. if you like this article then shared this with your can subscribe to our website via email.

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