GreenGeeks Review : Why Choose GreenGeeks web hosting

GreenGeeks founded by trey Gardner in 2008 and its headquarters is in Agoura Hills California.they are leading Eco-friendly host providers in the world.they provides the rang of hosting types, like shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and reseller hosting. all the plan of Greengeeks offers free domain name for one year and migrate your website free of cost. they host more than 300000 websites with data centers in the USA, CANADA, and the Netherlands. GreenGeeks provide one-click WordPress installation, free CDN, free website migration, managed website update, and choice to select from five data center locations.

Greengeeks Hosting

Greengeeks Review

The main goal of GreenGeeks is to be environmentally friendly as possible. they offer a different type of shared hosting plans for all their users from beginner to big companies. their plan is low coast and has lots of useful features in it.

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Pros and Cons Of Greengeeks hosting


#1.Eco-friendly: The most unique feature of Greengeeks is that it is an environmentally conscious web hosting company, a moment that you go on the Greengeeks’s website then Greengeeks is correct in the fact that your hosting company is green. then they go to explain how they are working to reduce carbon footprints. you can support renewable energy by hosting with Greengeeks company. what they doing to help you become an eco-friendly site will buy 3 times more wind energy credits to make up for the energy that is used by their server to power your website.

#2. Excellent Speed Technology: It is better for you to load your website faster for visitors.after all if your website takes more time to load then many visiter prefer to leave your website instead of waiting for the load. a website that loads slowly is not performed well. in a study, a thin found that a one-second delay in the website load decreased your 20% of visitors. Greengeeks contribute to all the latest technology to make sure your website loads at fast speed.

#3. Secure and Reliable service Infrastructure: Whenever we talk about web hosting, you required speed power and security. because the Greengeeks create their all system by the reliable infrastructure which is run by 300% clean renewable energy. Greengeeks has five data centers for you have to choose from them. by choosing your data center, make sure that your targeted audience is receiving your website’s information as quickly as possible. in addition, you will get the data center feature as below.

  • Automatic switch transfer and diesel generator.
  • The facility that controls automatic temperature and climate control
  • Battery backup with the dual city grid power.
  • Key card and biometric security system.
  • All-time available data center technician and engineers.

#4. Above Average Time And Security: Greeneeek has claim guarantee of 99.9% uptime, in response to examine, they give their best when it comes to uptime and security.

  • Auto app updates
  • Hosting account segregation
  • POwer Access and Hardware
  • Realtime security scanning
  • Increased SPAM protection
  • data backups at night
  • Active server monitoring

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To get started, Greengeeks use container-related, when it comes to Its hosting solution. your resource is such that no other website owner can negatively impact you by increasing traffic, improve resource demand or security gap.

The other thing is to make sure that your website is always up to date, Greangeeks auto-updates WordPress and other information management system core so that your website never gets sensitive to security risk. including this, all users of Greeengeeks receives nightly back of their website.

To protect from marvel and suspect activity on your website, Greengeeks provides each and every their own secure visualization that no other account can check-in you and make any security issue. by this, if any unnecessary thing found it immediately remove it to prevent further damage.

The Greengeek Hosting provides built-in spam protection to reduce the number of spam attempts on your website.they observe their server so any problem identified before they disturbed the user and their website, this helps them to maintain their impressive 99.9% uptime.

#5. The free domain name and website transfer: Greengeeks provides the free domain registration and website transfer if you receive domain name by them then it is free till you use their server. Fif your website hosted by another hosting then they can help you to transfer your website to their server for free.

#6. Money-back guarantee 30 days: Greengeeks offers the 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the plans of it then they have a full 30day money guarantee.

#7. Free CDN: every one connects with the content delivery network (CDN) on daily routing if they browse the web, then they may look at news sites social media page of online shopping.

GreenGeeks provide CDN to the customer that is operated by Cloudflare. that is very useful for your website optimization if you want to global reach. Cloudflare permits the user to store data and use servers nearest to website visitors to get it delivered. as a result, web surfing is much faster for those who come to your website.

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#8. Many high-quality servers location: When you select your hosting account, you can choose where your website is where your Greengeeks account is provided. GreenGeeks provides four data locations.

  • Phoenix, US
  • Chicago, US
  • Montreal, CA
  • Amsterdam, NL

Selecting the right data location of your website is more important for a positive impact on your website’ SEO.if your select the nearest data location your website runs in fast speed. Greengeeks permit the users that they can keep the server up to date by the following instruction.

  • Never sell more.
  • Process the latest generation power-efficient Intel Xeon.
  • EEC Register memory, a minimum of 64 GBDDR3.
  • connectivity in Gigabyte.
  • No desktop hardware.
  • Brand name server parts
  • Advance (SSD) Solid-state driver.

so you are sure by Greengeeks that your data is stored in the high-quality state of the art server.

#9. Back up at Night: The bad thing can happen any time, someone could hack your website with malicious intention, whatever, Greengeeks offers free nightly backups. even if anything goes wrong, your website data will be taken backup regularly.

For security purposes, Greengeeks provides real-time security scanning, auto brut search, spam indicator protection, SSL secure server, and ability to provide password protection to your directory.

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#1. NOt include setup and domain fees in the refund: If you are not satisfied by the Greengeeks than you can receive a full refund under the Greengeeks 30 day money-back guarantee without any questions.althoeugh, domain registration fees and other extra features cost and free setup fees during purchase will not be added in the refund. however, the reduction in domain name fees may seem is not fair to cost people the setup and transfer fees if they are unhappy with service being provided.

#2. Renewal cost is high: Website hosting price has always been a big issue for many WHSR readers. stating price tag like $2.95,3.95,4.95 is only for Greengeeks’s new customer.after the starting plan expired the regular rate start at 9.95 per month.

Plan and Pricing of Greengeeks

Greengeeks offers a wide range of hosting plans for every customer. they provide basic shared hosting, managed hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated hosting plans.

Greengeeks also provides a shared hosting plan called Eco site starter.

Shared hosting plan

Greengeeks has just one shared hosting plan, that starts at $2.95 if your pay for 3 years in provides unlimited web storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domain registration, unlimited email accounts, and my SQL databases.

Greengeeks optimizer the eco site hosting plan to have all the features required for all the hosting users.

shared hosting pane of greengeeks

In a premium plan hosting account, as per the company, are gives on the server with fewer users and also comes with increased memory CPU and resources.with plan you get above features.

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  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • free domain registration
  • Unlimited website hosting
  • For more fats speed use SSD
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Nightly back up free
  • Easy use Cpanel dashboard
  • You can choose your data center location
  • Fee CDN connection
  • SSL certificates and shopping cart install
  • UNlimited my SQL databases

WordPress Hosting plans

WordPress hosting plan is the same as the shared hosting plan but it is specially built up for the WordPress website. Greengeeks optimizer the WordPress hosting provides features like auto-update for the content management system and enhance security.


In Greengeeks WordPress hosting plans, there are three main plans offers by is lite, pro, and premium.

Lite: This plan starts at $2.95 per month for one website with a one-click WordPress provides unlimited data transfer, free domain name, and free SSL certificate first year. this plan is perfect for small businesses and for beginners.

Pro: This plan starts at $5.95 per month, with an unlimited website with a one-click WordPress provides unlimited data transfer, free domain name, and free SSL certificate first year. This plan is great for a growing website.

Premium: This plan starts at $11.95 per month, with an unlimited website with a one-click WordPress provides unlimited data transfer, free domain name, and free SSL certificate first year. This plan is great for online applications and very busy websites.

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Web hosting companies like Inmotion hosting or pricier liquid web provides more options for managed WordPress hosting.

  • Free domain
  • Easy signup process
  • multiple payment methods, credit card pay pal
  • Quice account activation
  • No upsell

VPS Hosting

For root access to the server and good control of the computer resources, VPS is the best option. by the VPS hosting, you have all the knowledge of disk space RAM and bandwidth are at your disposal. To manage your virtual privet server Greengeeks provides a property portal.VPS offers many hosting plans as per your requirement.

vps plan image

some key features for small business

  • Greengeeks provides free website migration
  • VPS server provides in just 60 seconds
  • fast and more reliable storage technology available for your data storage
  • Free Night back up

VPS provides the five VPS plans to choose from them, the lowest plan cost offers 25 GB storage,1GB RAM, and 1 TB bandwidth. the top plan cost for a time higher, it provides 125 GB disk space 8 GB RAM and monthly data transfer up to 3 TB.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicate hosting is one of the services which is offers by the Greengeeks. all five dedicated hosting plan offers 10 TB monthly data transfer and 5 IP address free.greengeeks provide space storage for dedicated hosting is 2 to 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB to 2TB of hard disk storage.

dedicated plans

Entry server: This plan starts at $169 per month with intel atom 330 dual-core,2 GB DDR 3 memory, and 2x 500 GB disk drive storage space.including 5 IP addresses and 10000 GB data transfer.

Standard server: This plan starts at $269 per month with xenon e3 1220 3.1ghz and 4GB DDR memory 2x 500 GB SATA harddisk space store.including 5 IP addresses and 10000 GB data transfer.

Elite server: This plan starts at $319 per month with xenon e3 1220 3.1ghz and 8 GB DDR memory 2x 500 GB SATA harddisk space store.including 5 IP addresses and 10000 GB data transfer.

Pro server: This plan starts at $439 per month with xenon e5 1220 3.1ghz and 16 GB DDR memory 2x 500 GB SATA harddisk space store.including 5 IP addresses and 10000 GB data transfer

They also provide free website migration so you can easily transfer your web site from the existing hosting company.

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Reseller Hosting

In reseller hosting from Greengeks, you can be offered resources on rent to other website users and run your own small scale web hosting business.

reseller plans image


RH-25: This plan starts at $29.95 per month, it is fast and affordable for all new web provides 60 GB space storage with 600 GB data transfer, and 25 Cpanel account including free SSL certificate, 30-day money-back guarantee.

RH-50: This plan starts at $39.95 per month, it is the best reseller provides 80 GB space of storage with 800 GB data transfer, 50 Cpanel account including free SSL certificate, 30-day money-back guarantee.

RH-80: This plan starts at $59.95 per month, it is a power reseller plan of provides 160 GB space of storage with 1600 GB data transfer, 80 Cpanel account including free SSL certificate, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Greengeeks offers a license for WHMCA, to make it easy to manage and bill multiple accounts. the Greengeeks permits the reseller account holder to provide their user with a free website builder and specific Cpanel account.

Managed hosting

The Managed hosting plan is also the same as the shared hosting but it provides some extra features especially for WordPress.

managed plans image

Some Key features of Managest hosting

  • To load your website fast use WordPress optimization servers
  • Auto Security update
  • DDoS protection and security scanning plus brute force
  • To load fast built-in PHP caching and Cloudflare

Frequently Asked a Question of Greengeeks Hosting

Below is the question-answer of frequently asked about Greengeeks.

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what is Greengeeks Web Hosting?

Greengeeks is a web hosting company established in 2006 and on the principles of environmentally friendly.and its headquarters is in Agoura Hills, California but have clients all over the world with data center in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands.their official website is and they got rating A in the BBB.

Which type of hosting plans does Greengeeks provide?

Greengeeks provides a different type of plans like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, reselling hosting, and dedicated hosting

How to install WordPress on Greengeeks?

Greengeeks’ plans have the softaculous application installer. this click is useful to install WordPress automatically on your hosting account.

How do the free website migration (website transfer) works?

After sing up in the Greengeeks, simply submit your ticket to the Greengeeks help team so the migration team helps you to transfer your website, blog, or online store to Greengeeks.

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Which type of payment do the Greengeeks accept?

mostly all credit card Greengeeks accepted (Master Card, Visa, American Express credit card)and PayPal.

Are there any premium addons available?

Yes, there are so many premium add-ons available in Greengeeks. like back up restore, manual back up request, dedicated IP, and many more.

Is Greengeeks suitable for business use?

Yes, it is suitable for business use but Greengeek’s main focus on shared hosting and VPS hosting. the large businesses should be alert and be careful about the possible limitations.


selecting the proper host for your website is the most important to make your website test the performance of the Greengeeks host server for our Greengeeks hosting review. we test it on our word press website. for testing, we use three testing tools. load impact, Pingdom, and Bitcatch.showed in the below image shows the performance of the website.

performance image of green geeks

As shown in the image the loading time of the site is one and twenty-four seconds and it is faster than the 85% of the all tested website. and this result is so good for the Website.

Testing your site’s speed test then, the load impact test we used the Bitcatcha to test more perfect response time from associated geographical location.

response time image of green geeks hosting

The above image shows the result of all the locations that GreenGeeks hosting respond well in all locations. its time is under a second and a second all over. the resonance time was higher in location Sao Paulo. the majority of your audience and if you want to target specific countries like America Europe and South America for your business then the GreenGeeks is faster and reliable.if your target audience is out of this locality then you can ask the GreenGeek to move you the server which is near that locality. whether other hosts good or note but GreenGeeks is a good hosting provider based on particulate requirement.below are some pros and cons of green geeks to understand that it is a good choice for your website or not.

Get Started with GreenGeeks?

Let’s choose your Best GreenGeeks hosting plan today.


This article provides all information about Greengeeks we review that, it is the best hosting for small businesses and who is eco-friendly and natural lover. the article also contains the pros and cons of Greengeeks, which will help you to choose the proper host for your website.if you have any question about Greengeeks and any topic of this article then comment us in the comment box.if you like this article then share it with your friends, you also can subscribe our website via email.

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