DigitalOcean Hosting Review

DigitalOcean is an American cloud-based hosting company, its main focused on helping developers launcher more apps faster and easier. DigitalOcean launching its first server in 2011. Digitalocean provides cheap and easy to use cloud services in a very well designed environment. Digitalocean’s main focus on its cloud services is developers, but available all over the world, high-performance public cloud service for everyone who wants to use it. Digitalocean is remarkable for many things.the first is simplicity in boat design and pricing. and the second one is clean design at all levels and also very easy to use and understand and its performance is very well.

The ultimate goal of Digitalocean is to use the solid-state drive to create a user-friendly platform that will their resources to transfer projects and from the cloud, ramping up products with speed and capability, we review. when you create a new account Digitalocena gives you$100 credits goods for 60 days.

Why Choose Digitalocean Cloud Hosting?

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Hourly or Monthly Pricing 

The Digitalocean offers the monthly or hourly pricing the back are twenty percent of CPU price and load balancer costs 20$ per month. this all is working per hour so that if you do not use the full month of service you do not have to pay for a full will see the list when you choose a service that there also an hourly amount related with the $5-per month charge is also $0.007 per hour. the Digitalocean will cost $5per month per CPU. for basic computer service it is pretty is made easy because some of the basic services you pay extra somewhere else, like firewalls are including in the price.

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SSD in Every Cloud

A Digitalocan hosting provider creates the especially for the developer scales from separate to the enterprise. a Digitalocean provide some various level of cloud-based is depending on your storage and volume you required which cost monthly or hourly basis. the plane you select for your website will decide the amount of memory, core processors, disk space transfer limits including in it. the main advantage of Digitalocean services is that you have to only pay for the resource that you used. in many hosting providers companies, you have to choose a higher-level plan just to get root access. even if you do not require that level of resources.

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Greate Bandwith Feature

Digital ocean provides different plans including 1TB to 10TB free and then every next GB for $0.02, and both public and internal traffic runs at 1GB/sec.we review, for data storage, there’s a300GB block storage mention and 4Gb for the WordPress hosting site. the total data transfer that Digitalocean offers 1TB per month.

Uptime and Reliability

when the Digitalocean hosting is new in the market the most uptime testing system has little data regarding the stability of Digitalocean’s could. the finder of 100% uptime is an unbelievable number, but we will continuously survey on this and of course, get 99.99% uptime SLA which is market standard.

Excellent For The Developer

The Digitalocean is the cloud hosting company that provides the virtual Linux server which called ‘droplet’ with SSH approach and solid-state drive. Digitalocean has datacenter all over the world and its web hosting plans are perfects for the developers.

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Droplet: In the Digitalocena hosting the virtual machine is called Digitalocean there are two types of Droplets one is standard and CPU optimized. the main Advantage of a droplet is that you can Spin up new machines speedy if you immediately required lots of requirements.the difference between the standard and the CPU optimized is that the CPU optimized droplet is what are they definitely on the tin. virtual machines with powerful CPUs for calculating an intensive to go with considering one of the droplets if your machine learning video encoding and high volume scraping. on the other hand, the standard droplet is perfected for most web apps in the user’s review.

study the above information that you would get for 40$ per month.

image of dropletIt is clear that the primary motive the optimized droplets are extra costly in trendy is the more powerful and dedicated CPUs so unless you exactly required those stick with the standards ones.

Support (Proper For Beginner)

A Digital ocean has a special way to customer support, while they have no specific phone number, but you can easily contact them via email or live chat .we review, suggests that you would not need any support till you have any serious matter to contact them till their cloud works really well.

Digitalocean hosting is very active on social networking to connect with DO on a social network may prove to be with other connecting technics. specially Twitter 

The additional support provided by the Digitalocean cloud host is Digitalocean host company blog panel and a huge set of articles and tutorials linked under the Digitalocean community.this is very suitable for the average new buyer to cloud hosting trying out the service for the first time.

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Manageable or User Friendly

a Digitalocean host gives its best to make the DO cloud manageable or user friendly. server management is represented by their custom control panel that has a very suitable connection and useful tools. you only required double click to resize snapshot or create a server. the one main disadvantage of Digitalocean, it does not provide any mobile app.the company’s website program well, it can only take a little moment to get the needed data and to sign up. you can ever use their control panel for free till you register on the site.

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  • Digitalocean hosting provides complete website navigation
  • Digitalocean hosting has managed or user-friendly control panel
  • Digitalocean hosting has appropriate management tools
  • Digitalocean hosting has  multiple cloud server plan

Pros and Cons of Digitalocean Hosting


  • It is simple to use and quick deployment
  • It is a kernel-based virtual machine and flexible API
  • Great pricing for the quality they provide
  • It provides tire one network
  • Awesome support documentation
  • Best server quality and more reliability


  • It can be massive for the beginners
  • even you have the knowledge of server set up it takes much time
  • There is no live support from the company
  • It is not providing any mobile app
  • some time server can be very slow
  • it provides only one IP

Is Digitalocen is The Best Host For Your Website? we review

A Digitlaocean hosting offers cloud servers that the developer can quickly create new virtual for their projects. Digitalocean allows you to full control of your web site hosting environment at the same time when you pay for the resources that only you use.

In this review of Digitalocena hosting go over all of their cloud hostings services. Digitalocean is a master in cloud hosting. they provide flexible support for developers to develop the web site and application with fast placement time.


Digitalocean mostly used by the developers to create virtual servers or droplets in under minutes .by using the droplet you can get full root control including the capacity to customize your server setup and choose your operating system.

The thing that is including in all the plans of Digitalocean.

  • Provide DNS Management
  • Solid-state drive
  • Offers simple account control panel
  • Provide the globe image transfer
  • It can provide the different choice of several Linux distribution as well as free BSD
  • pre-built  app image
  • It takes automatic back up

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Features of Digitalocean

Digitalocean is well known on the top of the droplets, Digitalocean provides many additional features to help developers. let’s see some most important ones.

  • Kubernetes: Digitalocena providers all the main Kubernetes components free, you have only had to pay for the resource which is used by you.
  • Load Balancer: it is easy on Digitalocean if it is enabled, the load balancer spread your site traffics to multiply you droplets to ensure that all user has the excellent experience. you have to pay a small flat hourly for loads balancer.

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One-click app Install:

Digitalocean provides the one-click apps for your droplets so you can save more time. below a list of the app which is included.

  • WordPress
  • Ghost
  • My SQL
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Docker
  • Mongo DB
  • PHP My Admin
  • Machin Learning

You have only pay the machine that you use, which can help you to control your website cost, it is a wonder that the cloud computing providers like Amazon and Digitalocean are popular from their startup.

in this article, we tell you about the review of the Digitalocen hosting company and why to choose Digitalocean for your website to host. Digitalocean has many features that you can manage your website well. if you have any questions about any topic of this article then write to us in the comment box and if you like this article then share this article with your also subscribe to our website via email.

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