A Complete Guideline to Google Search Console

Hi Guys! Today’s article is about the Google search console it is a very useful tool to maintain your website. Google search console is one of the most powerful free SEO tool of google. but most of the people do not use it for anything more than checking vanity metrics like click and impressions of their website. use google console to find and fix technical error submit sitemap see backlinks and more. this tool is free to use every one maintaining your website and can give you a very valuable vision about your website.

title image of google console

Google Console Is Communication Channel

The google console accounts are a main and official way in which google communicate with the separate website owner. in register account google can send webmaster information about website issues, errors and even penalties.it also gives some limited tools to allow you to contact them about site issues and other feature requests.

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Google Console is the Control center and performance Dashboard

If you actively update your website then you can understand that SEO is not so easy and endless. you need to continuously improve your website’s content and set up setting and solve your errors. Google search console provides the tools that can manage day by day help. it allows you to do things like submit and observe your XML sitemap, ask google to analyze your error.

Your GSC account contain your useful information about how your website is showing and performing in the search result. from mobile-friendly reports to visible and click by and tracking and many more.

performance image of google console

Set Up Your Google Console Account

Sign in to your Google Account

To use Google search console on your website you will need to create an account. you can see two options with a welcome message you have to select the first option from them and then enter your domain name or subdomain name.

image of creating account in google search console

If you choose the new domain option you only required only domain name so without www and subdomain.this option traces all thing which is connected to that domain. whenever you add the website you need to verify that you are the owner of that website.there are many options to verify your ownership. the domain option only works with DNS verification, while the URL prefix supports the different methods. before you see any information in search console first you have to verify your ownership.

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Very Your Domain Property: Follow the instruction drop down and then check your domain is register with any of the listed providers.

verification image of google console

Then select the provider and click the start button verification. Sign in to your register account and follow the instructions. and you should see the below image.

verification image

If your registration is not in the drop-down then select any DNS provider, sign in to your register account with a domain provider, select your domain name then after use option to manage DNS or domain name servers.

TXT verification image

Select the option to Add TXT record pats in the record from the search console then save it. if the verification. If your verification fails then repeating the process, you can take a few minutes to go through.

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Verification for URL Prefix Properties: Google provide some way to to do verification of URL.google’s default way to upload an HTML file to your website.however to keep thing simple we suggest you to choose the domain name to provide the option and then follow the instruction.

HTML verification image

Add a Sitemap To Google Search Console

The sitemap is like a road map to all important pages and posts on your website.sitemap tell the google where to find important content on your website. we suggest that everyone submit a sitemap to google by google search console. To add a sitemap on your website choose the sitemap option from the menu and paste the URL of your XML sitemap into the box labeled and enter your URL and then click submit.

sitemap URL image

There is four situations a site map will improve your ‘s crawl ability.

  1. It is very big if you have more pages you it is easier for google bot to miss any changes or addition.
  2. It has lost of single pages. any page has some inbound link from other pages is strong for a web crawler to find.
  3. It uses high media content and display in google news.in this situation your sitemap makes it easier for google to format and display your website in search.
  4. It is new and a new website has many backlinks making them less findable.

How To Add a User To Google Search Console

User is people whom with access to some of the data in search console there is three types of user in google search console.

  1. Owner: Owner has full control over the property in search console, including the power to add or remove other user.there are two types of owner verified and delegate.
  2. Full user: Full user has the right to all data within the selected property and power to take some action under these properties.
  3. Restricted User: Restricted user has restricted view right that they cannot able to view all data.

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To add new user follow these steps

search console >choose property>setting >user and permission>add new user

new user image of google search console

Use  Google Search Console To Improve Your SEO

To go by each search console reporting in irritatingly and boring instead of it we will be going to focus on a few actionable ways to improve your SEO.

01. Upgrade Rankings for Underachieving Keywords

Underachieving keywords are those where you don’t rank yet in position one or two.they are underachiever because most of the user click one of the first two result it means that if you rank in the lower position, you will missing out a big part of traffics

For example: if you rank in position eight then approximately 1.8% of search will click on your result. if a keyword has monthly search volume of 1000 and ranking on position 8 gets you, 18 visitors from natural search per month. To find these underachieving keywords in google search console go to the search result report and toggle the average CTR and position data.

rank image of google search console

02. Improve Page With High Keywords Ranking but With Lower CTR

Every page which ranks position 1 not get 30% of click, it is just average. among them, some will perform better than average and some will perform badly. so what we can do is finding pages that perform worse than average and investigate why this case then sees if there is a way to boost their CTR get more traffic.

To do this heard to the search result report toggle the average CTR and position data, then filter for the keywords with an average ranking below 3.1.these are the keywords for which you already rank in the top 3.

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rank image

03. Fix Sitemap Issues

If you have any issue with the sitemaps then you can submit to google that may create the problem and confused crawlers. this guides to wasted time and resource on their end, and can also cause them to index the wrong URL in some cases.

To check for the issue which you submitted to google sitemap head to the sitemap report click on the icon next to the site map and then next click the see index coverage button.after that you can see some table displaying the number of error any warning and valid URLs element once.

04.Learn Which  Information Type And Points Get The Most Back Links

The backlink is an important ranking part .google has told us these numerous situations and we can find a clear positive relationship between natural search traffic and backlink. so getting more backlinks to your content should be a priority if you want more traffic.

what type of content you publish to get attract to backlink and which point should you talk about. the best way to answer this question is to learn from the information that you already published.

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To do so go to the links reports and then click on more on the top of the link pages report under the external link subheader. short the linking sites in descending order to see which pages have the most backlinks from the individual website and then look for patterns.

back link image

05. Find The Page That Requires More Internal links OR To Is Pruned

imagine that you are publishing a new page about the mobile device. if you have already had a blog post about electronics devices and hardware then it would make sense to add internal links from those to your new page.

There are two Advantage of this

  1. Google search console may help your new page get indexed faster.
  2. Google search console will transfer page rank to the new page that is helping new pages to rank higher in the search result.

If you have so many pages and post that don’t have any internal links then they are likely old and forgotten post, this type of posts and pages normally not brings much traffics to your site or have much SEO value so it is better some time to delete them.

If you want to find the page with some internal links, go to the links reports in search console.click on more under the top link pages report under the Internal links subheader.

internal links image

Arrange the list in descending order to see forgotten pages.one of the first URLs that pop up for us is /seo-case-study/ which has just three internal links.

target link image if you visit the page that you see the that it published in at the time of the creation of page or post.because this is not absolutely in line with what we publish on the site today.it would make sense for us to delete this post and redirect it, in some case we have to remove the few internal links that currently point to it. to do that click the URL Top link pages report seeing which pages have internal links.

If you find some pages that have few internal links then it is not very useful for your website.to make sense to either.

  • Add more relevant internal links to them
  • update your information and content of the post and add more internal links where needed.

6. Upgrade your page that is losing organic traffic

many pages in your site not continuously get organic(natural) traffic forever because the ranking trend to drop as they become older or outdated.but how we can know and find the page that has diminishing traffic in search console google?

to find out that go to the “search result’ report then add date range comparison to see  database for the past six months compared to the previous six months.

date range image

What Is Google Search Console Query?

Google search console is a search term that generates the impression of your web site page on google SERP. you can only find data queries in search console, not in google analytics.

What Is An Impression?

whenever any user search any information and each time link URL display in search result it generate an impression. the user does not have to scroll down to see your search result for the impression to count.

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What Is A Click?

when user search for any information on google search and the link that can take the user out of search that counts as one click. if any user click the search result and click the back button then click the same link again it is still one click.after that the user click on another different link that’s two click.

What is the Average Position?

The average position shows the ranking of your pages for query or queries. take example our guide to SEO tools is ranking on the second position for SEO software and fourth position for keyword tools then that average position for this URL would be three.

What Is CTR?

CTR or click-through rate is like divided by impression multiplied by 100.if your show up in more than 20 searches and generates 10 clicks then your CTR would be 50%.

What Are The Google Search Console API?

The google search console API is free to serve that allows you to monitor your website’s performance in google search, to ensure that Google can crawl your site or app properly.and to analyze the validity and performance of the given page. Google search console provides programmatic access to the service through the APIs.

Google search console is a powerful free tool that show a lot of information and overview of your website.the biggest limitation of google search console is it is a multiplayer it is not a single player. ranking your website on google it means competing for your website with other website to get the top spot. if you don’t understand your website’s competitive environment then there is not any way of knowing where you fall down and what you have to do to improve your ranking.

In this article, we covered all the necessary information about how to use google search console this information is very important for beginners and who don’t have proper knowledge of search console google. if you have any question about any topic in this article then comment us in the comment box, if you like this article then share with your friends you can also subscribe our website via email.

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